Prophetic Visions and Dreams from Congregation Members, Historical Figures and Readers

All throughout the entire bible, you see that God has always worked through dreams and visions in every generation. God always sends warnings before judgment comes. We don't necessarily agree with everything ever said by all of the following people. But they definitely are worthy of consideration.

Prophetic Visions and Dreams from Congregation Members

Prophetic Visions and Dreams from Historical Figures

Prophetic Visions and Dreams from Readers of the Website

March 28, 2021 South Africa: Dream of invasion.
On March 28, 2021 I had this dream. In the dream it's still dark/dawn while I'm with my friends and family in my hometown where I grew up.Were sitting and laying in the front part of the house, where it is open, then I saw a large explosion like a bomb from a distance and then a jet like those ones in the second world war came fly towards us. I told my friends to fall down and hide when I thought it's going to drop a bomb. After that I saw a huge chopper with a search light looking for civilians, probably invasion armies. l told my friends for the second time to fall down and hide when it came fly over us. I ran out and told my guardian parents who used to raised me which are Pentecostals that this is the beginning of war invasion, distructrion, tribulation and fleeing. At that point Ezekiel 38 sounded like a trumpet in my head and realised it's too late to prepare. I woke up with tears in my eyes.

Jan. 2021: Australia: Dream of Nuclear Explosion:
This dream was recent. In the dream, I was in my living room. My family was with me and no power was on. I looked out some window to my left and immediately saw a large mushroom shaped fire ball like explosion. I looked away and felt intense fear and guilt as I pleaded to Jesus for salvation. And then I woke up.

Read more dreams and visions from our readers, directly related to the coming Russian/Chinese invasion of the USA in this link.

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