The Evils of Japanese Children's Animes and Collectible Card Games

(Written by brother Robert.)

Demonic Pagan Animes Shown to Children Worldwide

Even Western animations aren't excluded from this trend. There are now shows like Jackie Chan Adventures and Avatar the Last Airbender with just as much paganism and witchcraft as the Japanese shows. Cartoon Network, Disney, Nickelodeon, and others are showing stuff like this. It's becoming the general trend that apparent kids' shows on TV are actually leftist and demonic. Anime was a pioneer in doing this, even at teaching the LGBT perversions to children.

Pokémon: Young adults catching and training Shinto demons disguised mostly as adorable, childlike cartoons. One of the most popular Japanese franchises, across the cartoons and the video games and the trading cards. It is deceptively cute and is the #1 parent fooler and gateway drug to all the harder animes. Chibi devils are still devils.

Dragon Ball Z: One of the first popular animes to be shown in the US, and still one of the most popular and influential series. Macho men and macho aliens with godlike superpowers fly across the universe fighting each other, each trying to collect the seven titular dragon balls in order to summon a wish-granting dragon god. Based on demonic Chinese Buddhist fairytale Journey to the West. If all that all doesn't sound pagan/satanic enough, there is also a minor character named Mr. Satan.

Naruto: It's like a Japanese equivalent of Harry Potter, but with ninjas. Ninja kids being mentored by older, more demonic ninjas in magical arts and the use of demon spirits. This series has a wide appeal to boys and young men.

Studio Ghibli movies, particularly Spirited Away, Kiki's Delivery Service, Howl's Moving Castle, and My Neighbor Totoro. Studio Ghibli is like the Disney of Japanese anime films. So much so, that Disney partnered with them as their worldwide distributor!

Sailor Moon

A talking black cat named Luna gives a Japanese schoolgirl a magical brooch that she uses to transform into superheroine Sailor Moon and fight evil aliens. Does that sound like witchcraft to you? Yes, it's witchcraft, the show is full of witchcraft. The show in its original form is also full of gay, lesbian, crossdressing, and transgender characters, and clearly contributes to causing these symptoms in viewers, most of whom are girls.

Sailor Moon is also a multi-billion dollar anime franchise and one of the oldest and most influential.

A quick peek at the early shows and I observe that it's full of darkness (many of the scenes occur in a similar place and spirit to Yu-Gi-Oh!'s shadow realm) and has some degree of subliminal gore — there is much more violence and horror in these falsely labeled "children's" shows than the cover art and everyday introduction scenes let on. But the overwhelming theme that a viewer will experience from this show is darkness through sexual perversion. One look at some of the promo arts, showing a black cat against a crescent moon, also reveals that there is a spirit of witchcraft behind this. It's openly advertised and easily visible.

(One such example: Since 2016, the nation of Japan has distributed thousands of Sailor Moon branded pink male condoms to women, as part of a Sailor Moon themed campaign against sexually transmitted disease. I'm not making this up. I don't have to make this up. Japan makes fun of itself. What kind of man wants to wear a girly pink condom? Only in Japan do they think this is a good idea.)

There is paganism in all this, too. The Sailor Scouts are like goddesses with superpowers, and are named after the moon and planets (even the main character Usagi Tsukino: first name meaning Rabbit, last name including 月, the radical for Moon. The full meaning of this name is also an allusion to a Japanese folk myth, which sees the craters in the moon in the pattern of a rabbit with a mallet pounding rice cakes. In the later English dubs, Usagi's name is anglicized as Serenity, which seems to be a play on the Greek moon goddess Selene, doubly so because in Japanese pronunciation l's sound like r's). The talking cats all have moon goddess names too. It's like a portrayal of a witch's coven, for little girls. What is a show about schoolgirls using magic and conspiring to beat evildoers really trying to teach? This show has enticed many girls into witchcraft.

Moreover, as expressed through some episodes (even in the titles, like with The Shining Shooting Star: Saturn and the Messiah), there is an overarching plot in which Sailor Moon is insinuated to be the Messiah of the work's universe. This is blasphemous! Calling a fictional character the Messiah is just as blasphemous as calling a pagan idol the Messiah. It's antichrist.

Sailor Moon is full of explicitly homosexual characters: there are gay villains, lesbian heroines (Sailor Neptune and Sailor Uranus), an effeminate gay/transgender character, a cross-dressing gender transforming villain trio, and more. Even Sailor Moon herself is later revealed to be bisexual.
These references and scenes were censored to some degree in various releases, including the English dubs. This censorship may have hidden the most explicit scenes and statements from mom and dad as they briefly walked through the room during many a childhood screening. But it clearly didn't hinder the spirit of gender confusion from working through Sailor Moon all these years!
Moreover, the art style of effeminate "pretty boy" male characters, as seen in Sailor Moon, is widespread throughout Japan (and also in Korea, through the many Korean "boy bands"). It is gender confusion and sexual corruption and perversion associated with pagan witchcraft goddess idol worship. This is a running theme in Japanese culture as expressed through their Shinto-Buddhist religion.
The Japanese moon god Tsukuyomi is commonly portrayed as an effeminate-looking man. Sailor Moon is a somewhat blobbish cartoon girl, tall and thin with a flat chest. It likes skinny boy cartoons and skinny girl cartoons. Is it a boy or is it a girl? And on top of it, there's Greek mythological references in a Japanese anime. The whole deal is very confusing. Who knows, maybe it's supposed to be confusing? These characters look young and sound young on purpose because the goal is to confuse, indoctrinate, and influence children.

It works. Sailor Moon spawned an entire genre of demonic witchcraft "magical girl" animes. No matter how cute the little girls on the cover look, the shows are all insane and satanic and you can tell by their fruits. Every single one of them promotes witchcraft. One man crossdresses as a Sailor Moon schoolgirl at an anime convention along with several of his male friends (this exact stunt is notoriously common at anime conventions). While another man who went just a little farther into the magical girl dimension shares his fear and belief that aliens rule the world and are harvesting energy from humans, in real life. I actually met a man who talked like that, and recognized what he was describing as the demonic horror plot of a different magical girl anime. I still regret not calling it out on the spot, so I'll do that here: Japanese anime girl fiction is not real life! It's demonic, cursed, evil. Flee from those abominations! Delete your files, bust your hard copies up and throw them in the trash!

Do you know how evil these animes are!? And they show them to children, they're marketed to children, they're designed to be attractive to children. There are literal satanists writing the plots and designing these characters, and the shows are filled with horror, demons, and pornography and/or perversions. And they're satanists, so they want to sell these to children. Back in the 90's, they would send promotion VHS tapes with previews for Nintendo 64 video games and shows like Pokémon in the mail to households who had subscribed to Nintendo Power Magazine; this is what they were doing to make the stuff popular before it came out. And all that subliminally (and sometimes explicitly) perverted stuff is what's been on children's after-school TV shows on Cartoon Network, Toonami, and so on all these years. Even some of the most satanic shows look like children's shows at a glance. It's dangerous for children to watch these cartoons. They should be outlawed for many reasons.

I was denied the pleasure of publicly destroying my old collections of perverted animes and games, and I cannot express how satisfying it would be for me to be able to witness someone who was captured by these things to claim deliverance in the name of Jesus, then turn around and melt their collection of anime figurines in a blacksmith's forge.

Women Voice-Acting Male Characters in The Most Popular Shounen Boy's Animes

Speaking of gender confusion, what if I told you that the voice actor behind...
• Ash Ketchum is a girl.
• Naruto is a girl.
• Monkey D. Luffy is a girl.
• Shinji Ikari is a girl.
• The boy main character from coming-of-age anime FLCL is a girl.
• The main character of Fullmetal Alchemist is a girl. His brother, the robot-like suit of armor, is also a girl.
• Father and son team Goku and Gohan are actually the same old woman, and have been for a really long time.

When considering how much anime contributes to gender confusion, I observed that many male anime characters are voiced by women. The given reason for this is that it's easier for women to sound like young boys, which is what most of these characters are. Nonetheless, it's confusing. And it means many boys have had (or will soon have) the shock of finding out that their favorite childhood anime superhero was voiced by a girl.
That's something you don't see in Western superhero comics: Superman, Batman, Spider-Man, the Hulk, Thor, Captain America... I can't think of even one example of a popular western cartoon's male superhero being voiced by a woman for the entire series.

The single most poignant example of this in anime is Goku from Dragon Ball Z, who is voiced by a woman in the Japanese.

Goku is one of the most recognizable anime characters of all time and a figure who's able to effectively fluctuate between naïve innocence and intimidating aggression. It may come as a shock to many when they first learn that Masako Nozawa voices Goku, but there's some method behind this casting decision. Nozawa has voiced Goku since he was a child but stuck with the character as he's continued to age. Nozawa also voices Gohan and Goten, which keeps this trend going. Nozawa is now in her '80s and continues to voice these powerful male characters.

Naruto is voiced by a woman in both the Japanese and in the English dub.

The Elric brothers in Fullmetal Alchemist are voiced by women.

Monkey D. Luffy from One Piece is voiced by a woman in both Japanese and English.

Ash Ketchum from Pokémon is voiced by a woman in both Japanese and English.

It's not just little kids' shows that get this treatment: Shinji Ikari from Neon Genesis Evangelion is voiced by a woman in the Japanese. Naota Nandaba from FLCL is voiced by a woman. Goku was even voiced by the same woman throughout decades of show seasons.

It all adds to the point that even the Shounen "boy's" anime cartoons are immature and effeminate. A lot of their male protagonists sound like girls because there really is a girl behind the mic! Yet these shows are the childhood idols of many young boys and even young men. Many of these young fans probably don't even know that their favorite male characters are really voiced by women.

Making a Business of Corrupting Children

Another thing that's greatly wrong with these industries, is that people are getting rich off of physically and spiritually corrupting children. Selling virtual hobbies and idols and demons and wastes of time, energy, and purpose. Then people turn around and revere these rich, wicked businessmen as idols. It's sick.

I could list many more examples of popular demonic franchises, they really are everywhere in that space.

In short, anime is a tool of the devil to corrupt children's morals through paganism, witchcraft, sexual perversion, and gender confusion. There are themes and concepts directly from satanism in some of the games and anime, and many of these still look like children's cartoons except for all the visible horror and gore during the show — all the nasty stuff, of course, is hidden from parents on the cute, friendly cover art. It's disgusting. All this pagan, satanic filth, instead of being banned, is broadcast over the airwaves, displayed in stores, and talked about with praise over the internet.

The company that dubbed Pokémon and Yu-Gi-Oh for English-speaking audiences is called 4Kids Entertainment. It all goes back to corrupting the children. Many people who are really into anime today got into it while they were young.

And many liberal/Democrat popular figures are using anime as a way to appeal to youths and to the younger generations. Anime as a whole embraces paganism and denies Jesus as God. It's also significant that the politics of anime is not conservative, but rather rather liberal/Democrat.

Liberal Democrat Endorsement of Video Games and Anime

A short list of some popular public figures who have endorsed anime.

Elon Musk: a New World Order technocrat communist satanist leader disguised as a friend of conservatives, and an especially smiley friend of young boys who want to grow up smoking weed, playing video games, and watching anime while they somehow get rich from being on computers and doing computer related things like the Elon himself.
Elon was formerly pro-Obama and pro-Hillary, and still is an evil pro-AI transhumanist tech magnate. He's pro-gaming and pro-anime, and has used the Fullmetal Alchemist protagonist as a Twitter avatar, a rainbow-skirted anime girl as a Twitter avatar, and even joked about himself being a catgirl.

Weeblon, Elon-chan, Elonica... you could make a lot of jokes about that!

Also, Feline Musk didn't just choose any old anime catgirl. He picked one that looks like a vampire. When someone makes a joke about themselves and the joke is satanic, that ought to be a clue to beware of and avoid that person! (He also compared himself to a genocidal supervillain. Is it really just a joke?)

Elon Musk jokes about himself as an anime girl

Elon Musk Tweets I Heart Anime

Elon Musk's Bitcoin Anime Girl Avatar
(Elon's Bitcoin anime girl avatar)

It is extremely significant that a leader of the "artificial intelligence" transhumanism movement, who even wants to travel on a rocket to mars, portrays himself as a gamer and a lover of anime. That's evil endorsing evil. It's also hypocritical for a time-conscious CEO to have anything nice to say about video games, which are overall a pointless waste of time.

(Yes, Musk's purchase of Twitter is a good thing for free speech in the short term. But don't fall for him, because he is a satanist and he will trick and backstab you after having pretended to be your friend. Never trust anyone who gives their kids names like Exa Dark Sideræl and X Æ A-12, which sound like they could be names of a fallen angel and a robot model.)

(I also observe in the context of this article that Elon is one of those "smiley billionaires". How a person whose entire life revolves around ruthlessly crushing competition and defending their financial empires can look like their full-time job is cheer-leading from the bottom of an all-girls' pyramid is a mystery to me. It should be seen as a creepy thing when someone who functions as a corporate dictator looks borderline kawaii. Remember, evil people will try and look nice and act nice and smile and say they're on your side.)

In 2022, Musk wore a satanic red-and-black Japanese samurai armor with a Baphomet goat head with an upside-down cross in its forehead. This New World Order billionaire is one of the top public figures promoting video games, anime, and other technological corruption of humanity. No matter how much he smiles and makes funny jokes, he is not your friend. It really is all just a game to him. He even stated that he thinks the universe is just a simulation. That's a dangerous kind of being to try and be friends with.

Michael B. Jordan: a Democrat. I've seen a lot of black people into Dragon Ball Z and Naruto. Jordan and other black influencers may be a big reason for that.

Ariana Grande: a Democrat, and pro Bernie Sanders!

Zac Efron: Endorsed the extremely demonic murder-filled manga Death Note.

Megan Fox: Fox said for Cosmopolitan that she would love to see a film version of the anime series Sailor Moon. (In 2022, Fox also dressed in a satanic Halloween costume explicitly mocking Christianity, and shared this with the world.)

Democrat Korean boy band BTS is into anime, and many other Korean boy bands and girl bands are into anime too. There are lists of anime songs sung by K-Pop artists and bands.

Major conservative figures typically don't promote video games and anime.
For instance, Joe Biden's campaign team made an island in Animal Crossing, but Trump island was nowhere to be found.

Miracle Testimony: A Top Japanese Satanist Dies, Found Dead at Sea during Research & Editing of These Writings

As I was researching the affiliations of these popular pro-anime figures, I saw a news article:

'Yu-Gi-Oh!' Creator Kazuki Takahashi Found Dead at Sea

Yu-Gi-Oh is, in my eyes, one of the most evil of the highly demonic franchises coming out of Japan, because of the popularity and stickiness of the Collectible Card Game style of game. I had wasted more time, effort, and money on it than on anything else. A demonic game with a demonic story. A hobby of young boys slowly becoming obsessed with pagan Egyptian demons and witchcraft, not even understanding what's being done to them. And I've since had more nightmarish dreams and attempted temptations from it than from anything else. Just haunted by them for no good reason. So I very much wanted to see the Yugioh franchise to be one of the first ones to be wiped off the earth in a divine judgment from God. They've earned it.

And here it is. Creator of Yu-Gi-Oh, found dead at sea, while I'm finally working on the research and editing of an article that exposes satanic filth franchises like what this man had profited off by spreading it and selling it primarily to children.

Make no mistake. Jesus killed that satanist, even a top figure of selling idols of pagan Egyptian demons to children. Wow.

(Within 24 hours of Takahashi being found dead, former Japanese prime minister Shinzo Abe was also assassinated during a campaign speech. Abe was a very conservative politician, but the timing of a major Japanese political figure also dying within a day seems to be related. Prime Minister Abe had been influential in Japanese politics for many years and had probably had influence upon Japanese people in one form or another his entire life. As a conservative, he should have spoken out and warned against Japanese anime. Leaders of a nation are responsible for leading the way in morals and values.)

(Months later, I also observed something else about the timing. On July 4, 2022, there was a mass shooter who murdered 7 people and injured 48 others in Highland Park, Illinois. The shooting occurred in one of the neighborhoods with the highest concentration of Jewish residents in the Chicago area, and 2 Jewish people were among those killed. The shooter displayed Japanese anime girls on his car, and he also had a tattoo of the Egyptian Eye of Horus on his arm. Takahashi died just days after this shooting. Was that perhaps a divine payback for this antisemitic, antichrist, Japanese anime-fueled murder of Americans on an American holiday?)

Identity Dissociation, Avatars, and Demonic Leftist Democrat Culture

I feel like I've seen every of evil in these games and anime. And now I'm seeing the same evils being expressed by people in real life. Wicked people who play dress-up as goths, dye their hair black or pink or green or blue, drag queens, men dressing as women, cross-dressing catgirls, men even altering their bodies and tucking their genitals to pass for girls (even in a way that's convincing on photo and does fool most people). Homosexuality, transgenderism, transhumanism. Computer profile avatars. People acting like animals and obeying ridiculous speech quirks, even acting like burrikos and tsunderes — anime stereotypes. People trying to be something they're not.

And liberals love video games and anime.

They call it sexual liberation, progressivism, technological and moral advancement.

And look at what it's adjacent to. Computers, internet, role-playing cosplaying imitation of demonic pagan god/goddess characters. Even people watching CNN news or InfoWars all the time, so much that they end up imitating the exact arguments of the anchors and behaving like a television screen that you can't talk back to. I don't know how demonic possession is said to have worked historically, but it looks to me like a fast track to possession is to dress up and role-play as a demon, because that's what they're encouraging everyone to do!

Even Freemasonry, a known hotbed of satanism, resembles a fabulous mystery LARP. Grown men wearing aprons. Shriners and wizards and jesters. Rituals, plays, crossdressing actors, Shakespeare. A virtual world with virtual achievements and virtual friendships, that fills minds with demonic thoughts and every insane, nonsensical idea.

Trading Card Games: Magic: The Gathering (MTG), Hearthstone, Yugioh

Pokémon is the most popular trading card game with younger children. But others are more popular with teenagers and "adult" men.

Yu-Gi-Oh: Demonic, witchcraft and demons. Egyptian religion and mythology. A story about a young boy literally demonically possessed by an Egyptian's spirit and switches personalities.
Believe it or not, there are sorry people out there who have played too much of this game and actually believe that the Egyptian "gods" are real and the true "gods".

You can find Yugioh starter decks for sale at Wal-Mart, like this "Egyptian Gods" edition. There's even three of them, a trinity. Demonic possession. The all-seeing eye. Darkness. The shadow realm. Marketed to children. That's how demonic and evil it is.

They have a lot of goofy and cutesy cards, but this is what it's really about:

Egyptian yugioh egyptian god card decks that you might find at walmart
Egyptian yugioh demon trinity that they sell to kids

Hello, parents. This is what your children are doing with all those Pokemon and Yugioh cards: wasting their lives and pretend-summoning demons, which leads to the real thing. Hello? Does that mean anything to you? Why do so many parents prefer to abandon and sacrifice their children, than to guard and raise them?

Also, it's suspicious that this pagan Egyptology would come out of Japan. You would think one pagan religion would reject the gods of another, but instead, Japanese Shinto-Buddhism happily embraces everything evil.
(The historic lies told by the Shingon and Tendai sect leaders to 8th-9th century Japanese leadership were the same ear-tickling new age lie preached today: That all religions and mythologies are part of one and the same.)

Besides Yugioh and Pokemon, the other most popular TCG is Magic: The Gathering. It is based on principles of real witchcraft. The Western/European art style looks more mature (like similar witchcraft-filled Dungeons & Dragons), so children are less likely to be found playing this one. But games like Yugioh and Pokemon are a gateway to this.

These TCGs are also an expensive hobby. It's disgusting that someone can print shiny paper cards with monsters on them and make millions of dollars selling them to children. Some competitive decks in Yugioh cost over a thousand dollars to build off a secondary market. People covet and steal these cards. Players are afraid and diligent to not have theirs stolen. Older players rip off children who don't understand the market value of their rare cards. It's a racket for some.
1st edition base set Charizard (red fire dragon) in Pokémon goes for over $2,000 now (I remember back when its market value was only $200). There are some vintage, antique Magic cards like an original Black Lotus that have gone for over $150,000 at auction. People are so insane and demonic that they would pay years of a poor person's salary for a shiny (or perhaps not even shiny) worthless piece of cardboard that some business printed. (In many cases, like with Charizard, it's not even good in the game. Just a useless collector's item. Pure vanity.)

I also note that the publishing company of many American TCG's, including Pokémon and Magic: The Gathering, and also the Dungeons & Dragons role-playing game, is called Wizards of the Coast. They straight out tell you what they are.

There are even virtual CCGs now, like Blizzard's Hearthstone. Now people can waste lavish amounts of time and money on virtual cards that they can't even hold in their hands, just 0's and 1's in a computer program. Sad.

And, though the card games are popular, they also tend to be a lonely hobby: There are many people who will carry around an expensive trading card game deck everywhere they go, unable to find anyone else to play with in person. A lot of internet, media, video game obsessions are like this, to where some people will even participate in them all by themselves! It's bizarre and quite sad.

(As someone who played these card games for years, they're actually in abstract very well-designed as games, even as competitive games, and would make for good entertainment and occasional mental puzzles were it not for the demonic themes and design. But once you see that it's full of demons and even wasting your time, money, and energy, you should leave it.)

Cards, Drops, and Skins: Bad Business to Get Into

I note that one reason people get into game marketplaces is simply because they're interested and skilled at buying and selling for profit. It's an alright hobby with almost anything else in the world, but beware of all the witchcraft card and video game stuff.

The main objection I have with getting into the market for these trading card games and video games is that the games themselves are demonic.

Again, parents need to take their children out in the real world and even teach them to work. Some people can get very rich with their minds, trading stocks and companies and winning bets even against rich people. But laborious work is a very necessary experience (and besides, how can anyone appreciate the benefit of a labor-saving invention without actually having done the labor and seen the use for such?).

If it weren't for boys in modern western societies being forbidden to work in the labor force, being funneled into 8-10 hours a day of public school, and many boys being encouraged to study full-time into their 20s rather than enter the workforce, these fake virtual businesses would have minimal appeal.

Superheroes and Pagan Idols, Graven Images

Another aspect of both the games and the anime is the use of superhero characters, from the comics to the burly, 3D models of men on the screens.

I have seen young men and groups of teenagers obsessed with animes like Dragon Ball Z and Naruto. They should be grown men at their age, talking about manly things like fighting wars, getting with women, fixing cars, and what crazy things they did when they were drunk. Instead they're talking and talking about the fictional exploits of fictional characters. Naruto did this or that heroic exploit, Goku punched Vegeta really hard, a bullet flew right between a pair of breasts as the woman ducked backwards in slow motion and the huge boobies jiggled from the bullet's sonic wave as it passed over her. It's pathetic and sad, really, that these young men don't have real male heroes. Only fictional ones, many of which are even voiced by women. There's an endemic lack of masculinity in modern society, and it's even on purpose. This article by itself is sufficient proof that it's on purpose.

And while these boys are being distracted with effeminate nonsense (which is what idolatry is), some perverted artist is getting rich off of selling fictional gods to children and trying to get children to worship them.

It's an immature hobby to have. It's wrong. Moreover, this is yet more proof that paganism and satanism are not "tough" like the image that gangs and bikers portray and temporarily follow. For, they have for their spiritual associates, effeminate artists that cater to a demographic of confused young boys and cross-dressing man-children who fantasize of marrying a harem of anime girls! What kind of a man shows up to a gang fight with an anime girl pillow? He would be beaten off the scene before the fight even started!

Yet here they are, east and west, satanists drawing kawaii chibi cartoon characters for young boys and girls, enticing and corrupting them into darkness. The shame and spiritual nakedness of these demonic cartoonists will be exposed.

And it already has. The baphomet image, an old and popular representation of Satan, has a goat body and female boobs, a man's arm and a woman's arm. Disobeying God is effeminate and kiddish. Is there any better proof than to just look at the leader? Satan is pathetic!

So there you have it. Satan has goat legs and man boobs and he must really like anime because he works through it so strongly. (And I wouldn't be surprised if some Shriners consider themselves to be Shrine Maidens too!)

Literal Modern Idolatry: Men Collecting and Even Marrying Fictional Characters

And we know that girls like dolls and boys like actions figures. But there's a class of grown men with dozens and dozens of tiny, expensive figurines of... you guessed it, anime girls.

The initial appeal of the anime universe for some is a search for some kind of sexuality in a very messed up world. Sexual titillation for adolescent boys. But it's a trap.

At the deep end of the anime pool, grown "men" buy cosmetics and costumes so they can dress up as anime characters, including anime she-demons. They buy and sleep with full-body anime girl pillows. Some have even officially declared marriage to their pillows. There are sex bots now, all bot and no sexuality. It's a demonic, robotic, lifeless corruption of sexuality. Dead, not alive. Pornography, not love. Sex bot moans, but it can't feel.

Here are just a few such headlines:

Man Marries Body Pillow Girlfriend in Korea

Man to Marry His Video Game Girlfriend this Sunday

Woman Dines with Cardboard Cutout Man in San Francisco

Engineer Builds, Marries His Own Sexbot, Now Makes Them for Other Men

Man Marries Computer-Generated Hologram

Man Marries Hologram

(I wonder whether Japan's location in the far East makes it a hotpoint of Easter worship and idolization of the female. However, it is clear that Japan's paganism is feminist and sexually confused, because one of the highest Shinto deities, and the subject of Japan's flag, is a sun goddess. Below her is a male moon god, inferior, chasing the sun forever in a hopeless attempt at romance and reconciliation. Anyone who considers the sun feminine and the moon masculine has it backwards! Yet that's what Japanese religion does, and that's who's behind all this anime.)

And besides such figurines and dolls, people also make a hobby of collecting trading cards and old video games.
Factory sealed original NES "Legend of Zelda"? $870,000 at auction.
Magic: The Gathering Black Lotus? $511,100 at auction, for a piece of printed paper stock.

I bought and sold video games for years, and I can say that the two genres that tended most to maintain decent prices were role-playing games (which are anime-themed more often than not) and horror. That's your average video game collection's prize jewels.

I deeply regret that I didn't display the greater, abominable part of my game collection on video, announcing how much each girly anime game was worth to collectors, before smashing it and throwing it into a fire.
I don't care if some freak will pay $100 for it or $100,000. Is it right to accept conditional charity from a man-child satanist in exchange for a cursed piece of card stock or software? A person who pays $500,000 for a computer game or a shiny trading card ought to be mocked and called insane! Not glorified by the news media and by an entire subculture as a "hardcore collector and enthusiast" and seen as being "cool".

I can understand how, in Acts 19:19, when many citizens of Ephesus repented of their witchcraft, they burned fifty thousand silver pieces' worth of witchcraft scrolls. One bible commentary estimates that modern value as around $35,000 if in Jewish money, or, which was more likely, around $930,000 if in Greek money. Others take the silver piece to be a silver denarius, each representing a day's worth of work, making it over $5 million in today's money. Either way, that's a lot of labor to burn. And in one town, and in a short period. I can see how they did it: I had tens of thousands of dollars of games on the shelf at any given time and I never even had a job.

Corrupt Anime Sexuality

Another reason people get into anime is that a lot of it is sexual. People want sex. That's a fact of life. But the sexuality expressed through anime is overall not a good thing.
Some fathers and even some mothers might see their sons watching a show where anime boys are teasing anime girls with big, jiggly boobs and think this is a healthy expression of their budding sexuality, a natural sign that their boys are growing up. But actually a sexual anime addiction is very dangerous to sexual development. Anime helps turn boys gay, and it's on purpose. Once you understand who's doing it, how they're doing it, and why, you'll be greatly empowered to help your family stay away from those outcomes. They slip that stuff even into the more innocent-looking shows like Sailor Moon. When a stranger wants to tell your kids stories, especially behind your back, you should be on guard.

First, some background. In boy's animes, even in ecchi (a certain genre of sexualized show, without actual sex), the man hardly ever scores. It's a desperate existence.
Then, on the other hand, there's the hentai (hardcore anime porn), the response to being sexually repressed for so long.
Does that sound familiar? That's pretty much every boy's life now. They hit puberty, then for 5+ years aren't even allowed to touch a girl in public, or it would be a scandal. And every adult around them (if they're doing their job) basically blocks them or reprimands them for doing what comes natural. (At least, that's the way it was when I was in school. By now, it's gotten more and more about celebrating little kids being gay and crossdressing. Sick. Japanese anime and manga, by the way, has been celebrating these exact abominations for decades.)

These sexual themes are highly prevalent through popular mainstream anime. Besides those themes, anime and manga also has every kind of sexual perversion under the sun and more: bestiality, incest, pedophilia, and more. Anime and anime culture has earned its reputation of being sexually perverted.

To an uneducated Western person, "ecchi" (perverted but not sexually explicit) anime appears to take its form and structure as a way to get around sexual censorship, allowing it to be sexually titillating without breaking any nudity or decency laws. However, to a person with an understanding of the workings of pagan goddess religions (e.g. the directors of such animes), this hopeless, perverted, ecchi "love" is an only slightly abstracted expression of what these goddess cult pagans believe to be holy. For, it was not only orgies and ritual sex which they lusted after, but even the jealousy of young boys for taken women, even the hopeless jealousy of eunuchs (another thing which barbarian goddess-worshipping cultures manufactured, even in their rituals). It is noted that "men" in such cultures would let their women flirt and/or cheat this way, if not to let them outright whore around with other men including at orgies.
I had learned about Japanese anime culture first, but upon reading about the workings of pagan goddess cults, I was surprised to see how similar it was to perverted (ecchi and hentai) Japanese anime. Which makes perfect sense, considering that they are a goddess-worshipping culture!

In Japanese Shinto religion, a central figure is the sun goddess Amaterasu. Below her is the male moon god Tsukuyomi, who chases her hopelessly, attempting to court her after some incident where she rejected him.

Think about that description. First, they made a female the higher deity. Second, they gender-swapped the sun and the moon, I don't understand how even in pagan mythologies anyone can consider the moon masculine and the sun feminine, unless of course their society is so corrupted that the women are leading the men! For, the sun shines of its own accord, but the moon only reflects the sun's light. Moreover, the menses (periods) of women take after cycles of the moon. So how is the moon a masculine object in comparison to the sun? It defies all logic.

Romans 1:21-27 Because that, when they knew God, they glorified him not as God, neither were thankful; but became vain in their imaginations, and their foolish heart was darkened.
Professing themselves to be wise, they became fools,
And changed the glory of the uncorruptible God into an image made like to corruptible man, and to birds, and fourfooted beasts, and creeping things.
Wherefore God also gave them up to uncleanness through the lusts of their own hearts, to dishonour their own bodies between themselves:
Who changed the truth of God into a lie, and worshipped and served the creature more than the Creator, who is blessed for ever. Amen.
For this cause God gave them up unto vile affections: for even their women did change the natural use into that which is against nature:
And likewise also the men, leaving the natural use of the woman, burned in their lust one toward another; men with men working that which is unseemly, and receiving in themselves that recompence of their error which was meet.

Deuteronomy 22:5 The woman shall not wear that which pertaineth unto a man, neither shall a man put on a woman's garment: for all that do so are abomination unto the LORD thy God.

Leviticus 18:22 Thou shalt not lie with mankind, as with womankind: it is abomination.

For thousands of years, Shinto-Buddhist sun-worshipping Japan has had no condemnation against homosexuality and cross-dressing. Nor do they condemn witchcraft. All of these are now widespread in Japanese culture and in their anime.

Ancient pagan cultures also lusted to see homosexuality and cross-dressing, two other popular themes in anime. The yuri and yaoi genres of anime/manga, which are all about homosexual relationships, yuri being lesbian and yaoi being male gay. (As young boys obsessed with anime tend to become obsessed with the female characters, so it is similarly common that young girls tend to become obsessed with the effeminate homosexual men. Such animes with effeminate men, including, ironically, many sports animes, are popular with girls. At first, it seems funny and sexual to them, but eventually the demonic spirit behind it prevails. These girls start out obsessed with "cute" things and end up dressing as demons and looking like witches. It's sad. They get them when they're children, while nobody understands what's being done to them.)

Japan was already promoting homosexuality in media about as soon as it was possible. They were ahead of Western media in this. Japan had popular transgender animes out as early as 1989 with Ranma 1/2, and even Sailor Moon had transgender themes. They're ahead of the curve. And, moreover, if I'm understanding this right, the end of the cross-dressing transgender craze is to lead people into ancient pagan goddess worship (where cross-dressers and self-castrated eunuchs are seen as holier and even made priests) and even to lead people into slavery (for, children made eunuchs were prize slaves of pagan barbarian cultures, and they still are!).

The activities of goddess cults sound a lot like the modern LGBT gender insanity and transgender movement.

I don't fully understand why modern paganism has become so subliminal and secret, training children and adults with candy-coated idols and similarly toned-down and subliminal versions of ancient pagan rituals. One factor in that is that the full-blown rituals are so disgusting that any sane person or child ought to object; for this reason, the corruption is made gradual in order to achieve its ends (Fabian socialism does the same thing for the same reason: You have to wonder why concepts that are supposedly so good are kept so secret from the people who are being exposed to them and manipulated into liking them!).
Another trend that I've observed, is that subliminal rituals can be made spiritually explicit to a person really high on drugs, without compromising the identity or existence of the ritual. Weed, anime, and video games (in that order) is a very different experience than anime and video games alone. Regardless of why, the similarities that Japanese anime and games have with paganism and goddess worship suggest that it is a prime modern form of it and a gateway to the full-blown version.

Japanese anime culture and their video games are demonic and an enemy to your salvation and to your children's salvation and to their healthy maturation as adults. It's an attack on natural, healthy sexuality. It's also a subliminal, spiritual form of treason. That much ought to be clear by now. And what starts out as thoughts, and grows to words, eventually becomes action.

Part 9: Video Games and Criminal Violence

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