Manipulating Our Children: Japanese Political and Religious Propaganda Through Video Games and Anime

(Written by brother Robert.)

We've seen that more liberals than conservatives support video games and animes. And producers of these are overwhelmingly liberal. There are religious Shinto elements in these games and shows. And Japan is very nationalistic. What kind of thinking is behind these media works being presented to children?

Japanese Imperialism, Nationalism, and Belief of Divine Origin

What follows are several revealing quotations from Japan Against the World, 1941-2041: The One Hundred Year War for Supremacy, by Russell Braddon:

page 185: As noted, when Hirohito's Rescript was broadcast, the word shusen was used, not haisen, so that Japan believed herself simply to have stopped fighting, not to have surrendered. None of the Allied interpreters monitoring the broadcast noticed the difference. But the Japanese language is one of almost habitual euphemism, and none knew it better than we who were their prisoners.

page 128: And dispassionate they were; and almost relaxed - because at that time they believed that the Emperor had 'terminated the war', not surrendered. It was ten years, in fact, before the Japanese admitted that their armies had surrendered rather than stopped fighting. Shusen was the word they used until 1955; but then they changed it to haisen.

page 188: In 1936 Toto Ishimaru wrote a book entitled Japan Must Fight Britain. The battle, he said, would be for Singapore. No one in Britain took any notice of Mr. Ishimaru. Japan did fight Britain; the battle was for Singapore; and Britain lost.

page 38: Thereafter, serving the Emperor would take precedence over every other obligation in feudal Japan; every school child would daily worship from afar; and, as industrialization and the depression combined to wreck Japan's agricultural economy, hundreds of thousands of farm boys would be prompted to join the Army. Where it was easy to persuade them that it was indeed their dearest wish to die for the Emperor; that the spirits of those who died in battle would indeed fly to the Yasukuni Shrine, there to share the divinity of the Emperor himself; and that the sixteen petalled chrysanthemum engraved on the butt of their rifles was proof that the weapons were indeed a personal gift (like Tsuji's sake cup) from Hirohito to themselves.

A brief study of the history and beliefs of Japan ought to reveal that they never gave up their ambition of global dominance after World War II. Moreover, their warrior's code was to commit suicide rather than to suffer defeat or capture in a war. When a party with this mindset "surrenders" and "declares peace", they didn't really surrender — they're just biding their time until they think they can win.

Shinto is a national religion. And Japan worshipped (and still does worship) their nation as a holy land and their emperor as either a god or a descendant of such. Their soldiers in World War II believed that when they died honorably in battle, their souls went to Yasukani Shrine in Tokyo, where they would achieve a kind of divinity along with their Emperor.

Even to this day, at Yasukani Shrine Japanese war veterans are worshiped as gods, and there is also the nearby war museum called Yūshūkan (遊就館), its name meaning "place to commune with a noble soul". This museum is known to show propaganda videos portraying Japan's conquest of East Asia as a righteous war against Western powers, where Japan is the victim; even to this day they still spread that message in their media (Barefoot Gen and Grave of the Fireflies are two significant examples).

Japan's politicians are appointed in connection with Japan's national religion, even if claim their government and religion are separate and keep the truth under wraps to the English-speaking world. And Japan's leaders still make ritual offerings at this war shrine to this day. South Korea is not happy about it. Russia and China are not happy about it. America remains silent to its citizens about how Japan really feels about World War II, and continues to fill its shelves with Japanese anime and video game propaganda. We can already see that the Communists won the Cold War in the long run, the Nazis won World War II in the long run, and now it's pretty clear that Japan won their World War II in the long run, too, because they're the ones teaching our kids to want to be Japanese anime lovers rather than us teaching their kids to want to be Christian American patriots.

Japan's economic policy is also heavily skewed towards exports — they know that this is how they dominate the technology sector and avoid being made obsolete by industrially superior nations. No amount of short-term pushing has made them compromise that position. They won't budge because they know they need it.

Japan keeps trying to dominate the world, even Russia, China, and the Islamic nations are beating them at it so badly. But here they are, corrupting our children so that they'll adopt Shinto-Buddhism and Zen, and think positively of Japanese culture and the land of Japan. And they're doing it prolifically, more than anyone else!

Japan's futile attempt at world dominance is still an abomination. This same antichrist, antisemitic spirit that supported Hitler in World War II is now spreading pagan religion and a treasonous foreign nationalism among our youths. Why haven't I heard hardly anyone else report on this? Why isn't it common knowledge?
It would be good if our nation had a similar level of American nationalism as Japan has Japanese nationalism, instead of just letting our boys turn into effeminate mush. And this pro-Japanese propaganda and indoctrination should be called out and banned. Not adored by public figures and accepted by the crowds.

Many modern military leaders are apparently of the belief that only kinetic warfare (guns, bombs, physical fighting) is real warfare, and that there is no other kind. An enemy in the schools, in the media, spreading propaganda, telling youths to rebel against their parents and the authority... that's clearly warfare and treason, too. But the common doctrine and teaching is that it isn't dangerous and shouldn't be fought or punished, until it turns into kinetic violence. You just have to live with it until then. This is clearly insane and unrealistic. If you want to see some proof of recent kinetic action, just read about the July 4th shooting above. The spirit of Japanese religion is still to defeat the Americans, to murder Jewish people, and even to profane their holidays and their veterans and their memorials. It's demonic.

Also consider how Japan sees itself through its Shinto religion: As a sacred nation, as the promised land. Their leadership was in a similar mindset as Hitler, only they disagreed who was the master race, and whose was the promised land.
The same day I wrote up this section, I learned about the existence of an anime movie by a Japanese new age type person which takes biblical names and themes and corrupts them to spread such corrupt ideas as Japan being the promised land. This enforces and confirms that such beliefs are still present and prevalent and accepted throughout Japan.

When people get into Japanese anime culture and "weeaboo" nationalism (wanting to be Japanese, even so much as to go live in Japan), there very much is a religious indoctrination and even a form of national treachery. And this is on purpose, too. Many people want to visit Jerusalem because of its true status as a holy city. Many people want to pilgrimage to Rome and the Vatican because the pagan Roman Catholic religion is centered there. People want to visit Mecca because of pagan Islam. It's the same way with Japanese anime and wanting to visit Japan. Especially when these converts aren't ethnically native to that nation (for, who can say anything against a person who wants to see their homeland?). These anime lovers who want to visit Japan don't say and likely don't even recognize that what has influenced them is the religious spirit of Shintoism.

Japan has allowed some very strange and demonic cults to prosper within its nation. One of these is an apocalyptic doomsday cult led by an antichrist who wanted to use bioweapons to start a war between Japan and America.

Japan Permitted and Still Permits Plague Biowarfare Atrocities

There are two notable historical examples of Japan's permission on barbaric bioweapons research. The first is Unit 731 of World War II, where a unit in mainland China used Chinese prisoners, Russian prisoners, mental hospital patients — whoever they could get their hands on — to conduct barbaric human "experiments", similar to Nazi Germany, where they basically tortured people to death and took notes on how much they could take. They were estimated to have killed between 200,000 and 300,000 people. After the war, this program was kept secret until the 1990s and the people who participated in the unit, including the leader, were let off and slipped into the population.

One of the successes of their plague research was the plague flea bomb, which was scheduled to be used but never happened because Japan surrendered first. Had the war continued, on September 22, 1945, Japan would have sent kamikaze pilots on operation Cherry Blossoms at Night to bomb San Diego, California and spread the plague in America. Every time you think of how horrific the nuclear bombings of Japan were, remember that America was weeks away from receiving a plague epidemic on its own soil. And not too far after that, an invasion by barbarians who have no problem dissecting humans alive.

The second notable biowarfare incident was actually conducted in Japan, against Japan, by Japanese people in Japan. In 1995, Aum Shinrikyo released sarin gas on three lines of the Tokyo Metro, killing 14 people, injuring 50, and causing temporary vision problems for nearly 1,000 others. Seven people including the cult leader were sentenced to death and executed.

Although this sounds like an isolated incident of bioterrorism, the perpetrator was a Hindu-Buddhist Shiva-worshipping death cult that accrued over $2 billion dollars and over 1,500 known members. They targeted scientists, microbiologists, and other highly educated people, including students at elite universities. When authorities raided one of their bases, at Mount Fuji, they had much sophisticated lab equipment and intelligently improvised virus/bacteria breeders, and military equipment including a Russian transport helicopter, which they had smuggled in through front companies. Their stated goals included starting World War 3, overthrowing Japan's government, and fighting the United States. The sarin gas attack was one success out of many botched but potentially very deadly attempts at biowarfare on Japan's soil. This was and is a very evil and insane cult. They had membership in Australia and Russia too, and who knows where else.

What was Japan's official stance on them? "Not a threat" until January 2000, when they were put under surveillance. Finally, in September 2016, Russia banned them and declared them a terrorist organization. Japan, the United States, and everyone else seems to be on the fence. Nevertheless, they operate mainly under Japan's watch, so Japan's military is the one who reaps the fruits of their biowarfare research.

The point of this is that Japan is still a wicked nation. They allow multitudes of such demonic antichrist cults to prosper, and when someone comes out and speaks against one, the cult sues the dissenter for libel and wins. It's disgusting and wrong, totally backwards. Nations like Japan deserve to be judged and invaded for these atrocities, just as much as the Communist and Islamic nations.

Islamic Saudi Arabia in Support of Japanese Anime Idols?

Of course, Japan supports Islamic nations, too. That's another example of national treachery from Japan. In 1972-1973, Japan was the world's second-largest consumer of oil. Arab nations rationed oil to unfriendly countries. Japan promptly took a pro-Arab stance, and was allowed to buy all the Arab oil it wanted. It has been an ally of Islamic Saudi Arabia ever since. And, very strangely, the feeling seems to be mutual. You might not see Saudis running around with crosses from their temporary alliance with America, but you will see Saudi Japanese anime conventions, and anime subbed and dubbed into Arabic. How strange that these two cultures have mixed!

Nippon Sayko: How Japanese pop culture made it to the heart of Riyadh Season

The Middle East has had a soft spot for anime since the Eighties

First, it's hypocritical how an Islamic nation will permit itself to host the effeminate paganism of another nation, even Japan — especially Japan. And this is also proof of the darkness within both. How did this start?

Anime and Manga in the Arab World

Japanese anime's rise in popularity started when popular series were dubbed into Arabic in the eighties. Founded in 1985, Al-Zahra Center (VENUS) based in Damascus, Syria was the only company in the Middle East that did Japanese to Arabic localization and dubbing of anime.

Here are two bibliographies of the Venus Centre, which dubbed anime into Arabic:

Pokémon, Dragon Ball, Naruto, Digimon, Bleach, Inuyasha, Ranma 1/2, and others, all dubbed into Arabic in Syria. Islam forbids witchcraft and paganism, yet here is an Islamic operation to spread pagan witchcraft Japanese animes into the Islamic world. And it has been running for over three decades in a totalitarian Islamic dictatorship, unopposed. Saudi Arabia accepts and embraces it, too.

How about that? A Syrian "cultural center" named after Venus, Aphrodite, Diana, Artemis, Athena, Isis, Semiramis, Inanna, Ishtar... Easter. And it ought to be clear as day that pagan Japanese goddess Amaterasu is another type of Easter. Even far in the east, in the land of the rising sun.

(If what we see today, men dressing as anime girls and marrying pillows, dolls, holograms is what spiritual Easter-worshippers do today, then what have they done throughout all of history? And what are they still doing in the Islamic world, where much of the ancient traditions are preserved?)

The Assyrian Son of Perdition Permits the Dubbing of Japanese Anime in His Own Nation!

Modern Damascus, Syria being connected with Japanese anime shows a direct connection between Shinto, Easter worship, and the Assyrian antichrist Bashar Assad, accursed be his name.
Well, it also seems that in the process Mr. Assad has permitted his nation to dub Jewelpet Twinkle and Fairy Princess Minky Momo for the entire Arabic-speaking world.

How about that, the son of perdition at minimum permits the spreading of pagan witchcraft anime throughout the Islamic world, which supposedly condemns paganism and witchcraft? It's hypocritical and demonic. And it really shows the colors of these fallen angels.

It ought to be clear now that the high-ranking associates of goat-legs man-boobs anime-lover Satan are into the same stuff as he is. This totalitarian demon dictator of Syria who lies to present a meticulously crafted perfect public image of himself had over 37 years to think, "Oh, this might look really bad on my record. I don't want anyone to think I might be in support of girly pagan witch anime. I don't want that in my country or in the Islamic world." and to shut it down, but he didn't. That's something to think about.


People need to stop seeing the devil (and other anime-loving demons who present themselves as pagan gods and pretend to be good angels) as being tough and masculine. They aren't.

People also need to give up their concept of the blasphemous false images of an effeminate Jesus, which are promoted by false religion because they want people to think Jesus is weak. But Jesus is God. God is the Father, not mommy. God is tough.

Everyone that has been promoting an effeminate false image of Jesus, including the Japanese anime and manga industry, is bringing fire and brimstone upon their own heads. They need to stop spreading that filth.

The Leadership of Japan is Cursed

Japan, like Western societies, now suffers from a plummeting birth rate, a record high divorce rate, and a widespread acceptance of homosexuality and transgenderism. Their political and religious leaders permit and defend these doctrines, the paganism of anime, and the many antichrists and antichrist religions throughout Japan.

I believe the close timing of the death of Kazuki Takahashi and the assassination of Prime Minister Abe foreshadows the coming judgment against Japan, along with the reason: because Japan spread these demonic anime and video game franchises across the world and took national pride in them. And now, even because of their long-standing cooperation with Islamic nations. Japan has propped up their devil worshipping Shinto religion and even their literal, self-proclaimed satanists and let them corrupt other people's kids across the globe. Rather than stopping these abominations, they took pride in them. And to what extent? Japan is now a leader of spreading paganism, witchcraft, and goddess worship to the entire world. Is that not worthy of a wrathful judgment, when it comes that time?

I wonder how many prophetic dreams and prophetic warnings have been sent to Japan warning of their impending destruction by a tsunami, which also spiritually represents invading armies flooding the nation. For, it seems inevitable to me that Japan is to be invaded by China and North Korea when the end-time Assyrian invasion comes upon the world. And that no amount of sucking up to the invaders or selling them anime is going to change their minds.
It is prophesied in Scripture that America and the European nations will be invaded by these same armies, even despite cooperating with Islam they'll still be invaded. Why should Japan be a special exception? Whether their national judgment comes sooner or later, all that Japan's cooperation with Satan will do is to bring more destruction on her when it does come! It is no small thing what has been done to so many millions of children through Japan's public-but-secret media propaganda campaign the last 50 years.

God had His reasons for stopping the Mongol invasions of Japan hundreds of years ago with the typhoons known as the kamikaze (meaning divine winds). But by the end of this, the direction of the divine winds will be to blow additional destruction on Japan, rather than to protect her.
It doesn't take a prophet to see what is going to happen and why. Just ask American families what video games did to their children. Some understand and can explain it properly. Ask the former Japanese citizens who forsook Japan and who left Shinto-Buddhism to become denominational Christians in America and in Europe, why they did it. Ask the many young adults who were terrorized by watching closet horror animes like Yu-Gi-Oh and Sailor Moon and worse as children. There are a lot of testimonies against this stuff that people haven't shared.

Why couldn't Japan be a leader in the media world by condemning their own witchcrafts? They are the foremost leader at publishing demonic perversions to the entire world. They could have been the first to repent of them and warn everyone else. But if they'd rather sink to the bottom of the ocean with a millstone around their neck, then so be it. It's a disappointment and a shame.

If you are involved with this accursed anime and game industry and know that this stuff is wrong, I urge you to speak out against it, even to condemn your former evil works. Don't you know Whose Kingdom we were all made to work for? For the Glory of Jesus will expose, consume, and destroy all evil. Even evils which were once thought to be impossible to escape, and many that couldn't even be named. But even before His Coming, those who have said that there are sins which no one can repent of will be greatly put to shame. I am certain of that.

Warning Against the 2023 Super Mario Movie

The 2023 release of a Super Mario Movie is a major event in video gaming culture. The last time a Super Mario movie was attempted was 1993, with a live-action movie that was terrible in every way and had almost nothing whatsoever to do with Super Mario. Mario has had several obscure TV shows, but no actual movie that would resonate with popular culture or accurately portray what Mario is about. Now they have top digital animation studio Illumination, which produced Despicable Me, Minions, Hop (which is about pagan Easter), The Grinch, and now the Super Mario Bros. movie.

My one experience watching an Illumination film was quite unpleasant. In The Secret Life of Pets, they take what would otherwise be a nice kids' film and introduce an evil, communist-like character, then have the good guys cooperate with the evil to save the day. It's the same satanic plot formula they use all over Disney (even in their game-based movie Wreck-It Ralph), and even in many of the Super Mario RPG games. Then the Despicable Me and Minions series is all about making evil look good, cool, sexy. It's disgusting. This is the same studio that's worked on the Super Mario movie. What do you expect them to do? Something completely different?

Then, I also observe their choice of release date: April 7, 2023, so-called "Good Friday", which is connected with pagan Easter. Friday is not the date of Jesus' death as they claim: Scripture states that Jesus left the tomb at the end of Saturday night, just before dawn. Then in Matthew 12:39-40 Jesus states that He would be 3 full days and nights in the tomb, as Jonah was 3 full days and nights in the belly of the whale. Saturday night minus three days gives Wednesday night as the time He was placed in the tomb. But even the supposed Sunday morning minus three days yields Thursday morning, showing that the claimed Friday crucifixion time is clearly bogus and a lie.

Rather, what this Friday really is, is a date of goddess idol worship. The origin of the word Friday in the Germanic is "Frigg's Day", from the Norse pagan wife of Odin, another stereotype of the fertility/war so-called goddess (really a demon). In Rome, the days of the weeks were called after the Roman idols whose names the planets shared; Friday was called dies Veneris, meaning the day of Venus. Good Friday is the weekly day of Venus goddess worship just before Easter, an annual high holiday of goddess worship. Good Friday is basically Easter Eve.
(On February 28, 2023, only a month before the planned release, the release date was moved slightly ahead to April 5. Regardless, the point stands that the Mario movie is being released in close connection to Easter, and people worldwide will be watching it in association with Easter. And before being pushed to April 2023, the film was scheduled for release December 21, 2022, right before Christmas.)

So when they said they're going to release this feminist fantasy kid's film on that date, that's a significant statement. Super Mario is a hallmark of a goddess-worshipping nation, and a franchise associated with psychedelic mushrooms, which is itself the gateway drug to video games and Japanese culture. So all that same spirit of effeminacy, emasculation, feminism, transgenderism, and false virtual reality that's associated with Easter goddess worship is associated with this Super Mario film.

And, indeed, even in the previews and teasers to the film they show that there is extreme feminism in it. Inanna/Ishtar/Easter/Athena/Astarte wielded weapons of war, especially a battle axe. In the Super Mario film, Princess Peach is a commandeering warrior woman leader, rides a motorcycle, and even wields a halberd / battle axe. (We may as well go ahead and call it Super Semiramis, because that's what it really is. Still-Nazi Japan, with their perverted octopus obsession, knows as well as anyone can that the false goddess idol wears a dress adorned with Swastikas. Anyone who works in front of a giant stained glass window of themselves has the spirit of an antichrist communist dictator, and why shouldn't that rule apply even to fictional characters?)
Do you really think that's just a gimmick and a coincidence, that they make that the plot feature a depiction of a warrior goddess and release the film right around the high holy day of a pagan warrior goddess? And I'm sure little boys would not be happy to see loser Mario (pussy suit included) or damsel-in-distress Luigi, either. Meanwhile, leftists are foaming at these gender role reversals. And I'm sure they are, because this movie is clearly a tool of feminism, transgenderism, and dedication to such demons. And there is very much a war between standing up for yourself and living in the real world, or selling yourself over to fantasy whoredom slavery.

Stay away from it. Keep your kids away. Explain that Mario is about fairy tale magic, the movie is full of demonic feminism, and that they make demon king Bowser a star of the show. All of this is wrong.

Anyone who knowingly subjects children to such abominations as what comes out of Japan, knowing what it will lead them towards, deserves what divine punishments they will receive. The judgments of Jesus are righteous and just.

Other Examples of Spiritual Warfare Through Anime and Video Games

Satanic Graffiti at Local Pavilion, Relationship with Japanese Anime

There was, for a long time, satanic graffiti at a local pavilion. Along with other satanic images was the message "Hentai is life". (Hentai, which is hardcore Japanese cartoon porn, is often extremely demonic). The graffiti was right across the street from a church, yet no one in town had cleaned it up after several months of our noticing it. So we went and removed it ourselves. On the way out, Apostle Zimmerman walked into a tree branch, which went right into his eye, at least an inch deep. He pulls it out, I'm ready to call 911, and ... turns out he's totally unharmed. That's divine protection from Jesus.

This and the timely death of the Yu-Gi-Oh creator are just two examples I've witnessed firsthand of how Jesus fights against and detests satanic anime idol worship.

Spiritual Warfare Against The Completion and Publishing of This Article

One day while working on the early first draft of this article, I was interrupted and delayed by an extremely foolish and demonic man who came out of the blue and started preaching Luciferian doctrine without my even mentioning anything, and this all happened seconds after I got there, before I could even start typing. That doesn't happen to you every day.

Video Games and Christmas, Easter, Birthdays

When I was a kid, my dad had received a Super Nintendo and some games as a gift. But after that, I started getting them as birthday presents and Christmas gifts. They're a common gift to children for these events, which are truly pagan and satanic in origin.

New video game systems are a highly desired Christmas gift, and all the more so because of occasional shortages. (Deprivation and scarcity can create demand, too. It's not always an accident that some things are hard to find.)

Millions of people watched the N64 Christmas kid viral video and saw how dark these things are.

When people buy these game consoles for children, and start buying them every game they want, they are — absolutely are — dedicating their children to devils. You will know them by their fruits, Matthew 7:16. The fruit of the tree is all the proof you need in order to know what kind of tree it is. But I've gone and shown you the anatomy and history of the tree, too. If the root is evil, the whole tree is evil.

For many children, the beginning of their obsession was a game console and a Pokémon or Super Mario game under a Christmas tree, in an Easter basket, or as a birthday present.

Now, it's abundantly clear that Easter, being a pagan goddess, is also connected with video games, with effeminate boys and girls who never grow up, obsessed with fictional wonderlands. Even as Easter is connected with Christmas.

If you still don't believe the enormous case presented in this article warning against the dangers of popular pagan/witchcraft video games and anime, then you have no excuse.

Cute Facade, but Evil Heart: Not Your Friends

One common theme about corrupt video games, anime, and children's cartoons is that they display a cute, childlike facade, even the cover art. Then when you get deep into the game, or maybe even sooner, they spring demons and all sorts of evil filth out. It's very wicked, it's very dirty how they try to hide this. They fool parents and get to the children. People need to be warned against this.

The same is true even of the people behind them. It's the Walt Disneys and the Elon Musks who do the most to hurt children. How do these ruthless billionaires manage to look like grinning cartoons?

Many of the top video game executives mostly look playful and friendly, but in a few pictures they show their true colors.

Hiroshi Yamauchi: Third president of Nintendo. He personally vetted every game before sending it to market, until he died in 2002.
Hiroshi Yamauchi

Shigeru Miyamoto: A leading game designer at Nintendo, responsible for the Zelda series, Mario series, Donkey Kong, and more. He had a hand directly in the 2023 Super Mario movie.
Shigeru Miyamoto

CoVID Pandemic Increased Video Gaming

The coronavirus pandemic was an expression of the fourth seal of Revelation 6:8, and was also an act of war against Western, Christian, conservative nations.

One of the outcomes of the CoVID-19 pandemic was to increase usage of computers and playing of video games. As gasoline and other hobbies get more expensive, gaming stays cheap and is flexible in price. People can do it inside, alone, without needing to go outside, even during a quarantine. There is therefore, now, more gaming now than ever. It just keeps increasing in modern society.

Children used to work with their parents in the same factories. How many families are struggling to make ends meet, while their children just play video games all the time?


It's a waste of time, an addiction, and immature to play games 40-80 hours a week. That's there. But the widespread satanic indoctrination is the greater problem. The push to make people, even children, identify with and role-play as and worship demons, even subliminally, even without understanding what they're doing to themselves by this.

And almost no one seems to care about that. Hardly any one even seems to notice. In fact, if you were to look up "Christian animes" or "Christian video games", you would instead find lists and recommendations for some of the most satanic abominations on this planet. That's proof that this is spiritual, and that most people have almost no discernment. The truthful testimonies are in the minority, and would be grievously mocked by the masses.

Who put these children and young men into this slavery? Who put them into this bondage? Children, now prisoners and slaves and subjects of harassment and horrors even in their own homes, while their parents were there, bringing the torturer into the home, doing nothing to stop him. Paying his master for the service which wrought misery to their own seed.

A father bought chains for his son, and chained him to the bed in a stupor, not knowing what he was doing. The next day, he saw his son chained to the bed and lamented. "My child is chained to the bed! My child is chained to the bed! What shall I do?" A listener responded, "Why not cut the chains?" And the father, sharp as a needle about the value of material things, quipped back, "I know what those chains are worth. I can't break them. They're too expensive." And so the boy remained chained to the bed, stuck in his bedroom.

So it is with the materialism, the greed, the irresponsibility and abandon of parents who buy and give their kids the video game disease, then see the symptoms and declare themselves powerless to fix it. I can't give him a time out, I can't take the game away, I can't even break it in half and throw it out. "It owns him now, it is his parent, I and my child alike serve this robot, this machine."

If you love your children, you won't be like the crazy man who couldn't free his son because he valued money more. You'll take the console away. You'll take the games, phone, computer away. You'll be disgusted at what kind of stuff you got suckered into buying for him. You'll really spend time with your flesh and blood first instead of ignoring him and treating him like an animal. Fathers will be fathers, and sons will be sons.

And if you had been struggling to quit video games or anime for years and years, as even I had, having this nagging feeling that something is wrong, but not really knowing what to do about it... I hope you've seen your deliverance coming soon, and that you've found, or are about to find, your spiritual weapons against these weapons of moral and spiritual corruption which had formerly afflicted you. Everything filthy and wrong that these demonic works do to a person can be overcome through Jesus.



Praise Jesus that so many boys and young men will be delivered from the bondage and curses of video games, from the spiritual slavery to the demons of Japan, even the demons of Egypt!

I pray that this message and testimony helps some of you to take yourselves and your families out of a spiritual Egypt. If the enemy stalks you like a cat, may it be watched and ashamed. And if the enemy chases you like a bee, may it lose its sting. All this in Jesus name.

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