Colloidal Silver in Return For Ministry Donation

We offer the cheapest way to order colloidal silver on the internet, by giving you the opportunity to receive a gift of colloidal silver from us in exchange for your financial donation to our non-profit ministry! You will not be purchasing the colloidal silver from us, but rather only requesting a gift of the solution in exchange for your donation. By requesting the gift of colloidal silver, you agree and understand that we are not medical professionals and we are not nurses or doctors. You agree and understand that we do not offer to you any medical advice. You agree and understand that everything already stated in our pages about colloidal silver is only a historical documentation of rumors and claims made by many people on the internet for many years. The claims might not be true or accurate. If you consume or apply our colloidal silver solution, you do so at your own risk. I encourage you to seek professional medical assistance and advice.

Your silver solution will be between 10-20 PPM. We will make it and we will test it before shipping. Your solution will not be made until you request it. So it's not going to be old, unlike all of the other silver that you would buy anywhere else! We will pray over it also! You don't usually get that from anywhere else either! You will receive a tracking number after it ships.

We will use whatever container that we have available to put your colloidal silver in. That might be in quart jars. It might be in used liquor bottles. It might be glass, or it might be plastic. One quart might be in one type of container, and yet another quart in a different type of container. We don't make any promises on types of containers used. If you don't like the containers that we use, then you are welcome to empty it into a different container of your choice.

We can not ship outside of the USA. Please do not order if the shipping address is outside of the USA.

No Refunds. You are sending a donation of $15 to us in exchange for each quart that you request in return as a gift to you. We will not refund these donations. Use at your own risk. Max of 10 quarts per week per address.

Click below to request your silver solution mineral water and send us your donations. Max of 10 quarts per week per address.

Gift of 1 quart Colloidal Silver in exchange for $15 donation


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