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On this page, I will vent some of my pet peeves and things that frustrate me. But in an effort to get people to realize things and have more respect for others and live for fully in the center of God's Perfect Will. You will see how our true relationship with God manifests in every area of our daily lives including how we drive; and even the pets we choose to own. This page has every right to be among our ministry articles, because we do not fight against flesh & blood but against spiritual wickedness which I hereby expose.

Speeders, Tailgaters and Pit Bulls

1. Speeders and Tailgating: The wickedness in this world is way beyond out of control. The majority of people no longer have any love or respect for themselves or the lives of others. Every time that I go anyways in my car someone rides my tail, tailgates me. And I am not a slow driver. I always drive the maximum allowed speed limit and most of the time an additional 5 mph over the speed limit. Yet this is still not fast enough for people. If the speed limit is 55, they want to go 65-70 even around sharp curves and on dark roads in the middle of deer zones and areas where bears have been hit, etc. If I have to put on my breaks for dogs, deer, bears, kids, elks or anything else, not only are the people behind me going to hit me, but they could throw me into another car or force me into a tree. A person's true state of their soul is evident in every area of their life including how they drive. These people very clearly have no love or respect for their life or my life or anyone else's lives. They also make me and many other drivers very nervous, even upset and frustrated, thereby causing us to bring more attention on who is riding our tails, than on the road itself, thereby increasing the chances of a bad accident. I cannot wait until the day when no American will be allowed to drive! There is a day coming when gasoline will be rationed and people will not be allowed to drive in America. There is a Great Tribulation coming and I sincerely hope that these people will be confronted with the pain and agony that they have caused and be brought to their knees in repentance in Jesus Christ and gain love and respect for their fellow mankind!

2. Pit Bulls: Again, the wickedness is out of control. It is now popular in America for people to have these ugly and unpredictable and very dangerous, demonic dog breeds which are called pit bulls. The popular myth is that it's all in how you raise them. Yet the truth is very clear that these dogs who were raised in love and care, still eventually turned on their owners. There are many more people in the grave right now because of pit bulls than any other kind of dog in America. It sickens me how that every time that a pit bull hurts or kills a child or adult, how that these pit bull owners always try to say that the dog must have been raised wrong. They are ignorant! They are ignorant of the facts of how often responsible and loving pit bull owners (and their children) are killed by their own beloved devil dog!
When pit bulls kill or hurt a person, child or otherwise, the owner should be thrown in jail.
These dogs should be banned nationwide and in every state, town and community.
Posting a picture of your pit bull with your baby does not prove that the dogs are harmless. What it proves is that there are a lot of ignorant crazy wicked people who love their dogs more than their own children!
If you have had multiple pit bulls in your life without any incident yet, it does not prove that these dogs are not dangerous. What it proves is that you are so far blessed but yet the clock is still ticking, tick tock, tick tock. One of those dogs could still snap at any time. Just because it hasn't happened yet doesn't mean that it won't happen ever!

Here are some facts and the sources:

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) published a study in 2000 on dog bite-related fatalities for 1979–1998.
The study found reports of 327 people killed by dogs over the 20-year period.
The study found that pit bulls and rottweilers alone accounted for 67% of deaths.
The other 33% included a mixture of over 20 different types of dogs.
In the years since 1998, dog bite fatalities have increased and the number of deaths caused by pit bulls have also increased.
According to other sources, in the 10-year period from 2005 to 2014, two dog breeds accounted for 74% of the attacks that resulted in death: pit bulls and rottweilers.
By 2017, pit bulls are projected to maul 305 Americans to death since 1998, the year the CDC stopped tracking fatal dog attacks by breed. I believe this number to lower than what will actually be observed.
In the 10-year period from 2005 to 2014, pit bulls killed 203 Americans, about one citizen every 18 days.
In the first eight months of 2011, nearly half of the persons killed by a pit bull was the dog's owner and primary caretaker.
Percentage of owners who were killed by their own pit bull who had previously said that their dog would not hurt a flea = 100%.
The deceptive propaganda about the breed, "It's all how you raise them," promoted by pit bull owners, breeders, animal groups, television programs and more, is clearly evoked in these two photographs. This false narrative wholly denies the heritage of the breed, involving centuries of selection for bull baiting then dogfighting. The purposely-bred form and function of a fighting dog is to attack without warning signs, to execute the killing bite and to relentlessly attack until death.
Myth #1: It's the owner not the breed.
The outdated debate, "It's the owner, not the breed," has caused the pit bull problem to grow into a 30-year old problem. Designed to protect pit bull breeders and owners, the slogan ignores the genetic history of the breed and blames these horrific maulings -- inflicted by the pit bull's genetic "hold and shake" bite style -- on environmental factors. While environment plays a role in a pit bull's behavior, it is genetics that leaves pit bull victims with permanent and disfiguring injuries.
The pit bull's genetic traits are not in dispute. Many appellate courts agree that pit bulls pose a significant danger to society and can be regulated accordingly. Some of the genetic traits courts have identified include: unpredictability of aggression, tenacity ("gameness" the refusal to give up a fight), high pain tolerance and the pit bull's "hold and shake" bite style. According to forensic medical studies, similar injuries have only been found elsewhere on victims of shark attacks.
Purveyors of this myth also cannot account for the many instances in which pit bull owners and their family members are victimized by their pet dogs. From 2005 to 2014, pit bulls killed 203 Americans, about one citizen every 18 days. Of these deaths, 53% involved a family member and a household pit bull. Notably, in the first 8 months of 2011, nearly half of those killed by a pit bull was its owner. One victim was an "avid supporter" of Bad Rap, a recipient of Michael Vick's dogs.

Father of Child Killed by Babysitter's Pit Bulls Speaks Out After Attack
'Believing the Myth is What Left Us Without a Son'

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