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Online Bibles

The Alpha & Omega Bible Free Download The most accurate bible translation in over 2,000 years.
Bible Gateway.com
Audio Bible.com

Miscellaneous Bible Topics:

Temple of Ezekiel 40-48 Will Never Be Completed. It was actually the 2nd Temple. Will not be in the millennial period.
Origin of Mother's Day I do not recommend the entire website. I am only recommending this specific article for insight into the origins of Mother's Day.

Sexual Recovery / Porn Recovery

Sexaholics Anonymous
Sex Addicts Anonymous
Mastering Life
Ex-porn star delivered by Christ, testimony of Shelley Lubben
Porn Free.org
RehabCenter.net offers Rehab Centers across the USA to help recover from porn addiction & many other types of addiction.

Marriage Conflict:

Solving Marriage Conflict: A Bible Plan to Resolve Family Strife and Alienation For both of you, With Love, Tim.

Recovering from Abuse or Trauma

International Christian Recovery

Recovery From Anything!

Christians In Recovery.com

Great Places to Surf on the Web

Act for America, a group devoted to saving America from the threat of Islam. A Great Group!

Christian Books and Gifts, Bibles

Christianbook.com The best online Christian book store.

Evangelism Tools

Bibles by the case.com a great place to buy bibles in bulk!
Free gospel tracts, free bibles, free bumper stickers, printable bible studies, etc. provided by I Saw The Light Ministries

Custom T-Shirts, ink pens, mouse pads, business cards, stationary and more!
I just ordered several things for the ministry. I have ordered from them many times over the years. Dependable company.
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Webmaster Resources


Custom T-Shirts, ink pens, mouse pads, business cards, stationary and more!
I just ordered several things for the ministry. I have ordered from them many times over the years. Dependable company.
Please use my referral link below so that I can get rewards/credits. Thanks!
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World News:

Our 24/7 breaking live news feed from only conservative news sources
ProveAllThings I Saw The Light Ministries Newsletter Provides news headlines from around the world that relates to the Bible & also prophecy being fulfilled & Christian values. Can also sign up for breaking news text alerts for free!

Recommended Prepping/Survival Supplies

Solar Ovens
Cook without electricity or fuel using only the power of the sun.
This solar sun oven is the best available anywhere and made in the USA.
Must have survival prepping equipment.
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Survival Frog
One of the most popular survival prepping supplies websites.
Tents, camping, hiking, solar, dehydrated food, radios, lights, fire starters + more.
Visit site at https://tinyurl.com/frogsurvive
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Affiliate Links

Red Light Therapy
For sore muscles, immune system boost, bodybuilding, mood therapy and more.
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Travel Discounts
Get discounts for hotels, car rentals and air flights (air plane tickets).
Visit site at https://tinyurl.com/travelwithJesus

Vita Springs
Sells many categories of products including:
Supplements, vitamins, natural health products, herbs, oils, teas,
Medical supplies,
Beauty supplies, bath & body products,
Grocery/food items, dried fruits, healthy snacks, nutrition bars, flour, baking power, rice, powered milk,
Seasonings, spices, baking products, cereals, candy, canned meats and more!
Pet products,
Men's health & Sexual health
Women's health.
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Crystal stick deodorant, natural mineral deodorant https://shrsl.com/34sf3
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BHI allergy formula, MediNatura https://shrsl.com/34sun
Ultra Omega 3-6-9, Country Life https://shrsl.com/34sxy
Men's products https://shrsl.com/34suo
Women's products https://shrsl.com/34suq
Pet products https://shrsl.com/34sur
Mental health products https://shrsl.com/34sv1

Olivina Men by Gentlemen's Hardware
Male body wash, deodorant, beard oil, shaving supplies, grooming kits & more.
Many products are all natural. Truly great prices!
Based in Tennessee.
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Male hair thickening shampoo https://shrsl.com/34t54
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Save Dollar Stores
Sells many categories of products including:
Arts & craft supplies,
Yarn & knitting,
Home decor,
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Pet supplies,
Hardware: paint, pipes, tubing, pipe fittings,
Safety equipment
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Buy Sale Trade Yard Sale USA: https://mewe.com/join/buysaletradeyardsaleusa
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Truth Against Male Circumcision: https://mewe.com/join/truthagainstmalecircumcision
Recover from Unwanted Same Sex Homosexual Attraction: https://mewe.com/join/recoverfromunwantedsamesexattractionhomosexu

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