The Witchcraft Origin Of Homeopathic Remedies And The Greek Word Pharmakeus For Pharmaceutical Medicine Sorcery

Written Sept. 11, 2022.

It was in 2015 that I wrote the article "Are Physicians & Medicines Sorcery & Witchcraft?" (See link.)
I explained, in that article, how that modern medicine is not witchcraft because of several reasons including:
The Greek word for sorcery, which is "pharmakeus", was in relation to two things:
A. Using drugs or herbs such as LSD or marijuana to receive divine revelation from the gods.
B. Using herbal potions to promise instant healing or love or curses, via magic.

Modern doctors, hospitals, medicine and pharmacy drugs are not involved in any of the above, and therefore are not witchcraft. There is no "magic" involved. Of course we could also discuss the dangers, side effects and failures of pharmaceutical drugs, but that's not our topic here.

However, I could not explain how the Greek word for sorcery in Revelation 21:8 and 22:15 became applied to modern medicine if they are not witchcraft.
In August and September of 2022, I was praying to understand how the connection occurred. Then I felt our heavenly Father puling me toward the study of homeopathic remedies. I thought that He was answering my other prayer about how to help someone with their mental, spiritual and physical health. And I still believe that He is leading me toward that as well, but in a different way. So I embraced homeopathy because it seems to be alternative natural healing and I thought that I had God's blessing and direction. So I ordered 4 books on homeopathy and 4 homeopathic medicines. (Not counting the allergy one that I have been using for my wife for years.)

As I continued my studies and research on the many different remedies, I began to see some interesting and unexpected things in these books. I noticed how that they recommend:
-A dilution of petroleum (oil) for motion sickness,
-A dilution of gold for sadness in connection with the lost of money,
-Diluted coffee for sleep,
-And many other "weird" examples.

So it eventually became clear to me that there are aspects of "superstition" (witchcraft) in homeopathy.
It also became apparent to me that the homeopathic sleep remedies were not helping my wife and me.
Then it hit me that the homeopathic teaching that the greater the dilution, the stronger the remedy, is not logical and is actually very silly, in other words "superstition". I already knew that it didn't make sense in the physical world, but I excused it as showing God's power. But now that I see the many superstitions involved in homeopathic treatments, now I can see what spirit is really behind that specific aspect of it.
It wasn't very obvious at first. It made sense to me to use natural herbal remedies. Herbal remedies are not witchcraft. Herbal remedies are proven to work. They are not "magic", but rather have physically healing properties. But to dilute those herbs to an extent to where there's not any molecules remaining in the water or alcohol, and still claim that they are working because of their "energy" is nonsense and is trusting unknown spirits/energy to make them work. (Doses such as 6x have some molecules of the original source material of a herb, animal, insect or mineral. But dilutions such as 300c do not contain any such remaining molecule, yet are claimed to be the stronger dosage.)

Please don't get me wrong. I know that some of them work. Some of them even work on children and even animals where the placebo effect doesn't apply. And some of them are more logical and not as silly. And I understand that it's not witchcraft to take a physical pill in hopes of it being the correct medicine for your condition. I am not saying that everything related to homeopathy is witchcraft. I know that we did not commit the sin of sorcery when we took homeopathic sleep remedies. We weren't trusting in pagan gods to work their magic.
But what I am saying is that there were pharmakeus sorcery occurring within the origins of some of the homeopathic beliefs and practices.
We must make the very careful distinction between what pharmaceutical medicines and practices are witchcraft and what are not.


Hippocrates was born on the Aegean island of Kos (near Greece and Turkey) around 460 B.C. He was an ancient pagan Greek physician. He rejected the popular belief of his time, which was that all disease/sickness was caused by "the gods". He understood that there were physical reasons for disease. However, it seems that he didn't escape all of the traditional superstitions of his lifetime. Among other forms of medicine, he also practiced homeopathy. He mixed his new discoveries of science with old traditional magical thinking.
A lot of the modern medical sciences have a root in the work of Hippocrates and other pagan scientists throughout time. It's difficult to point the finger at just one person. But the history of pagan scientists doesn't prove all of the modern medical industry as pagan or witchcraft. Hippocrates and other people mixed paganism with science. It wasn't totally paganism.

However, it has now become clear to me that homeopathy is largely responsible for the usage of the Greek word for sorcery being applied to all modern medicine. The ancient peoples had a difficult time embracing the ideal of invisible, internal physical reasons for sickness. If they couldn't see the parasites, worms, cancers, etc, then it "must be the gods". And therefore also even the healing had to come from the gods. Religious "Christians" may have considered physical "new" medicine as witchcraft. And likewise, the pagans wouldn't give up their ideal of the gods healing via the magical potions of herbs being diluted so much that it could only be the gods.
As different forms of medicine got lumped all together into the developing science of medicine, so did the name also become applied to the total, rather than only the mystical, as it was difficult to tell the difference for people who couldn't see the invisible, internal workings of the human body and couldn't understand the science of new medicine.

Samuel Hahnemann

Although he wasn't truly the original founder of homeopathy as is often claimed, Christian Friedrich Samuel Hahnemann did a lot of work in homeopathy, with experiments and documentation and development. He was a German mystic physician who lived between 1755-1843.
He was a Freemason. Source: H. J. Bopp, Homeopathy, Down, North Ireland: Word of Life Publications, 1984; p. 3
In 1810, on the title page of his book "The Organon of the Healing Art", was the words "Aude-Sapere". The motto of Freemasonry is Aude Sapere which means, Dare To Be Wise.

It is claimed by some people that "Samuel Hahnemann, like Hippocrates, felt the need to remove the metaphysical, mystical, and supernatural elements of previous homeopathic practices and strictly adhere to the protocols he established with his research." But I find that difficult to believe because of the fact that in our modern times, homeopathy is still practiced by diluting the original material to nothing but "holy water" (in the dosages that are claimed to be the strongest). Not that I am against holy water if we know the source is truly Jesus and truly a man ordained by Jesus. But I don't see Hahnemann or Hippocrates as being truly called men of God.

Hahnemann was an ardent follower of Swedish mystic philosopher Emanuel Swedenborg (1688-1772) and Swedenborg was his mentor. In 1741, Swedenborg began to experience dreams and visions, notably on pagan Easter weekend, on April 6, 1744. He claimed that Jesus had appointed him to write "The Heavenly Doctrine to Reform Christianity." According to "The Heavenly Doctrine", Jesus had opened Swedenborg's spiritual eyes so that from then on, he could freely visit Heaven and Hell to talk with angels, demons and other spirits, and that the Last Judgment had already occurred in 1757, the year before the 1758 publication of De Nova Hierosolyma et ejus doctrina coelesti (English: Concerning the New Jerusalem and its Heavenly Doctrine). Therefore by these details, we know that Hahnemann's mentor was under demonic influence, because all of that is against the truth of the bible.
Sources: Google Books, "God Matters" 2013
The Heavenly Doctrine
Swedenborg Digital Library

According to the book, "Healing at Any Price" by Samuel Pfeifer, 1988, pages 66-68, Hahnemann "took offense at the arch-enthusiast Jesus of Nazareth, who did not lead the enlightened on the straight way to wisdom but who wanted to struggle with publicans and sinners on a difficult path...the man of sorrows... was an offense to the lover of etheric wisdom."
According to the same book, Hahnemann wrote that Confucius is "where you can read divine wisdom, without miracle myths and superstition. I regard it as an important sign of our times that Confucius is now available for us to read. Soon I will embrace him in the kingdom of blissful spirits, the benefactor of humanity, who has shown us the straight path to wisdom and to God, already 650 years before the arch-enthusiast."

Some Work Because of Herbs Not Diluted As Much

In addition to the mental placebo effect, I believe that the homeopathic remedies have worked for some people because of the less diluted doses of 3x and 6x, then taken as 3 tablets at a time, only 1-4 hours apart, repeatedly, thereby giving just enough dose to make a real effect upon a person. The remedies begin with a mother tincture of a herb that is actually known for true medical benefits. The tincture could had been made super strong before the dilution. This helps to explain some animals being healed by treatment without the mental placebo effect.
If a person receives any benefit from dilutions of 300 c or 1M, it would have to be either a placebo effect or magic, i.e. demons with the purpose of deception and entrapment.
If a person experiences horrible side effects from such extremely diluted dosages, it must be from pollution of the ingredients, i.e. germs, bacteria, lead, etc and/or witchcraft. Homeopathic remedies are not as well regulated and tested as much as other pharmaceuticals.

Some Work Because of the Addition of Cell/Tissue Salts

It is often recommended by homeopaths to also use "cell salts", also known as "tissue salts". There are 12 cell salts that are promoted:
Calcium fluoride, calcium phosphate, calcium sulfate, iron phosphate, magnesium phosphate, potassium chloride, potassium phosphate, potassium sulfate, sodium chloride, sodium phosphate, sodium sulfate and silica.
In addition to these minerals, there are many other minerals and herbs used in homeopathy that are truly useful for the body's natural healing if not diluted so much that nothing remains. It's my belief that it is the addition of the cell salts and minerals in some of the formulas that are adding to the final combination of effectiveness. Nevertheless, the better answer to alternative natural health is to take the original mother tincture at full strength (if not a poison, as it is in some cases), and to take stronger doses, undiluted, of the minerals and salts.

Confirmation: Today, as I finally came to the conclusion that it is mostly the cell salts and minerals, found in some homeopathic formulas that are actually what is working in some people's reviews and testimonies, I received an email newsletter from Dr. Mercola, talking about the health benefits of iron and copper and how to get those minerals in a safe way, without blindly following poor medical advice by some doctors.
In homeopathy, iron is known as "Ferrum Met." But to dilute it a thousand times and then say that it's a powerful remedy is not logical. It would be more beneficial to make a remedy that still contains enough of the mineral to actually to actually do something instead of trusting in magical powers of residue "energy". I believe that the surprise email is God's way of saying that we need to get our minerals, but in a more effective way.

Official Acceptance of Homeopathy in Foreign Societies

Outside of America, homeopathy is widely embraced in India, China and the UK and many other nations. In the United Kingdom, it is even funded and supported by the British government. It's an accepted practice of medicine, used by millions, perhaps billions of people worldwide. Therefore, this makes homeopathic medicine seem legitimate.

However, we must consider the pagan nature of India and China and many other cultures.
We like to think of the UK as being modernized. And it is in many aspects. But it is an ancient empire with many lingering elements of paganism.
At a meeting of the British Medical Association, Dr. Tom Dolphin, Deputy Chairman of the BMA’s junior doctors committee, said:
"Homeopathy is witchcraft. It is a disgrace that nestling between the National Hospital for Neurology and Great Ormond Street [in London] there is a National Hospital for Homeopathy which is paid for by the NHS [National Health Service]."

More and more physicians in the UK and worldwide are speaking out against homeopathy as useless, and therefore even dangerous, as people are trusting in magic while not taking the medicines that they really need to get well.

What Studies Say

A French scientist working at the INSRM institute claimed that high dilutions of substances in water left a “memory” which explained their “efficacy”. Subsequent investigations proved that the research, which was funded by a major manufacturer of homeopathic medicine, was “improperly carried out” and the scientist was subsequently suspended.
I believe that would be the situation of any study that tries to advocate for homeopathy. Any such study would be paid for by people/organizations who sell or make homeopathic products.

I don't know of any reliable scientific studies that validate the number 1 homeopathic silly claim, that the more diluted it is, the more powerful it is. It's just not logical.

Teas, Tinctures and Powders Much More Effective

This week, I made a sleep tincture. I'm going to edit the recipe some for the next experiment. Next time, I'm going to use 1/2 cup cat nip, 2 tablespoons of passion flower, 1/2 cup chamomile, 1/4 cup dry basil, 1/4 cup lavender flowers/leaves and fill the rest of the quart jar with vodka or apple cider vinegar. Leave a little of bit of empty room in the jar to allow the contents to be shaken better.
They say that vodka draws out more of the healing properties of the herbs. But the apple cider vinegar provides so many other health benefits. (When using organic apple cider vinegar, put a sheet of wax paper between the lid and the jar to prevent rusting the metal lid.) Then shake. I will wait 2 weeks, (shaking daily) then strain. Then I will use 1 tablespoon per dose to add to water or other liquid at bedtime.
The longer that the tincture sits before straining, the stronger and better and more effective that it will be. But I can't wait more than 2 weeks. So I am going to make another quart that I will allow to sit for 4 weeks while I am using the first jar of tincture.

Passion flower and chamomile are both used in homeopathy but are often so greatly diluted, that if it works, it would only be a placebo effect. The basil and cat nip both help with sleep but also with stomach problems. The passion flower is recommended in homeopathy for insomnia, hemorrhoids, asthma, mental health problems and many other things. (But at stronger dosages could cause nightmares.) I believe that a strong tea, strong tincture, or capsules could actually help with these ailments and many other ailments. But not extremely diluted to the degree that absolutely no molecule of herb remains!

I am adding a new section to this website, which will be focused on natural health alternatives that actually work. In that section, I will have a page on tinctures. I have made many tinctures for years. So it's something that I have experience with. I will be sharing my recipes. I will also be sharing about using essential oils, sound therapy, apple cider vinegar, vitamin D and light therapy and other forms of natural health.

The Homeopathic Remedy Finder App

There is a website called ABC Homeopathy. They have a free app that allows people to enter all of their symptoms and then it suggests the best homeopathic remedy for their condition. As I have said, some of it is based on superstition, which sometimes is based in witchcraft, and many times also is an extremely diluted formula that won't actually help.
However, I believe that their app could still be useful, as well as the homeopathic books and websites. Because they can point us in the right direction for herbs, flowers, minerals, etc that might help us if we make our own strong teas and tinctures, or purchase strong capsules of the same remedy. They can also point us to "antidotes", herbs that reverse the side effects of another herb. However, the recommended homeopathic remedy is often sometimes a poisonous substance that you should actually avoid at all cost! So you can't trust the app to give you the best remedy. It's something that you have to take with "a grain of salt". LOL!

The app is located at

Answered Prayers From Jesus

I praise Jesus that He answered my prayer to help me understand why/how the Greek word for sorcery became applied to all medicine, when I knew that it is impossible for all medicine to be witchcraft! In addition to the 2 definitions that I gave for the word "pharmakeus" on the very top of this page, witchcraft is also the use of tarot cards, fortune telling, palm reading, pagan idols of stone or wood, gold or silver, etc. Witchcraft is also praying to false gods and worshipping false gods.

When we take a physical pill for a physical sickness and if we are not trusting in magic or the powers of the supernatural, and if we are not using the herb or pill to seek divine revelation, or to bring love or to put a curse on someone, then we are not being involved in witchcraft.
The drugs that the doctor prescribes for you might be the correct medicine for you, or it might not be. It might have dangerous side effects. It might contain poisonous ingredients. It might even be a NWO attempt at genocide. But none of that makes it witchcraft. I already understood this. Unfortunately, many people could not get past the Greek word pharmakeus and assumed that all of the modern medical industry and medicine except for alternative medicine such as homeopathy must be sorcery. But the shocking reality is that it's the other way around! The witchcraft is in the ancient usage of extreme dilutions of homeopathy, not so much the modern usage of prescribed medicines.

I am not saying that you have committed the sin of sorcery just by taking homeopathic remedies. I have been using them without feeling God condemning me. I don't feel that I have been cursed. I don't feel that I am under a spell. Jesus has given me lots of spiritual discernment. There's not a magical spell upon the products that I have attained. I don't necessarily have to throw them away, nor the books. I think that the books can point us to plants and minerals to use for strong tinctures and capsules. But the original usage and invention of extremely diluted homeopathy was sorcery, because it encouraged the people to trust in the "energy" (spirits) of the final product.
Today, most people take homeopathic remedies because they believe that it has a physical effect because of physical properties. Whereas ancient people were hoping for the gods to heal them with these weak potions. That's a huge difference. I don't believe that it's witchcraft to take homeopathic medicine in modern times just because of the origin of men mixing both science and paganism. Today, people who order homeopathic remedies on Amazon aren't seeking magic or energy, but honestly thinking that they are taking natural herbal medicine, most of the time not realizing that no molecule of herb remains in some of the dosages.

But when people go to a "fortune teller" for a magic potion of instant healing "by the gods", or love or curse, or divine revelation, or to talk to the dead, then yes that's witchcraft.

Praise Jesus for the understanding that He has now given us about the Greek word. And praise Jesus that He has now also opened our eyes that many of the homeopathic remedies are too weak to work. And praise Jesus that He has now given us a stronger push toward the usage of the mother tinctures, actual herbs and minerals that can, and should, be used in stronger concentrations, which is logical, not mystical.

Minerals and Cell Salts at Stronger Strength

I had previously said that I believe that red or pink colored salts are sufficient alternatives for "cell salts". And I still believe that we should use those red or pink colored salts, as long as they are not marked halal. That will provide us with many needful minerals in small dosages over long periods of time. But not extremely diluted to be of no effect.
However, now I am realizing that some people are much more deficient in some minerals and need additional resources for some specific minerals. So if the remedy finder app, or homeopathic book recommends a remedy based on a mineral or herb, you can do your own research on how to attain that specific mineral or herb in a stronger form, rather than ordering the homeopathic remedy.
The newsletter that I received from Dr. Mercola said that a deficiency in copper often causes the deficiency in iron. Therefore increasing copper may be the way to go for that. But when dealing with metals, always start with small dosages, because there is a danger of metal toxicity with too much. But even 3x in homeopathy is too weak to be of much help.

Analogy of a Gun

I now think of homeopathy as being similar to a gun. You can use a gun for self defense and for hunting for food. You can also use it in war against the enemy. But you can also use it for sinful things like murder or robbery. You could research the history of guns and probably find different pagans and wicked men involved in the history thereof. But that doesn't affect our use of guns today. So it's in how we use it.
Homeopathy using dilutions of 3x is like using a little 22 handgun to kill a big bear. It might help some, but it's not going to do much. But it's not witchcraft.
Homeopathy using dilutions of 300c is like using a gun without bullets. It won't do anything.
But believing that the "energy" of the missing bullets (that were previously in the gun) will kill the bear, that's trusting in superstition or witchcraft, or at the very least, is foolish.

Don't Twist This As Excuse for Pagan Holidays

When we worship "god" via pagan holidays, we're specifically applying active worship to active pagan practices. That is much different from taking a pill while thinking that it has scientific, physical healing properties. Therefore, people should not try to claim that pagan holidays such as Christmas and Easter and Halloween are acceptable because they are not observing them for pagan reasons. Despite the intent and reasonings, the pagan holidays can't be separated from their pagan dates, 100% total pagan origins, and the pagan rituals/customs that are still being practiced today, in addition to the absolute lies that are directly connected to those traditional holidays.
But when we begin to believe that the energy of non-existing herbal particles are getting stronger and stronger as the dilution increases, that's mystical religious "hokus pokus".

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