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Gospel Tracts, Flyers and Bible Studies!
All provided free by I Saw The Light Ministries.

Copyright 2006 I Saw The Light Ministries. Do not edit them in any way, except only to translate into another language.

If you don't have a printer, please ask a friend or relative for permission to use their computer and printer, or visit a local library. If you are 55 or older, you might be able to join the local senior/adult activities center for free printing.

All of these open in PDF file. Almost everyone has a PDF file reader on their laptops and computers. Most smart phones also have PDF readers. All you have to do is to click on the flyer/tract of your choice and your computer/laptop/smartphone should open it up automatically with your PDF reader, then click Print; or you can right click on the links below and save them to your computer first, then you open it and print.

If you do not have a PDF reader, I recommend Foxit PDF Reader and you may click here to download it.

1. Download and print bible studies
2. Information & instructions for gospel tracts
3. Download and print gospel flyers/tracts

Section 1: Download and Print Bible Studies!

These are "fill in the blank & circle multiple choice" bible studies that help open the eyes! Instead of me telling you what the bible says, you look it up in the bible yourself and fill in the blank or circle the correct answer. Don't trust man's doctrines, but trust the Creator! Please download these bible studies to your phone or computer. Then print and share with family and friends.

Section 2: Information & Instructions for Gospel Tracts:

I believe that 8" x 10" one page flyers/tracts are more effective than multi page 2" x 4" traditional gospel tracts. Most lost people do not care anything about reading several pages in a little tiny booklet, of which they already know exactly what the little book is telling them, the same old thing time after time, "Get Saved or burn in hell forever". They are more likely to read these one page flyers due to them being only one page and not looking like the traditional flyers that they already know condemn them to hell. Also, these flyers are more eye catching and attention grabbing. They are also more cost effective to all of us to publish in mass qualities.

Section 3: Download and Print Gospel Tracts (Fliers/Flyers)

Feel free to download, print & distribute as many of each item that you want.
Leave gospel tracts or fliers on park benches, park tables, bus stops, inside library books, inside magazines at doctor's office, in grocery carts, etc. Tape on the side of public vending machines.

Click here for gospel tracts in Spanish.

Miniature Gospel tracts. Print, cut into sections, distribute.

Full page fliers/flyers

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