How to Send Donations, Tithes and Offerings to I Saw The Light Ministries

First of all, thank you very much for your interest in helping!

By USA & IRS law, all American churches and ministries are automatically considered 501 C 3 tax exempt. We have not officially registered and are not required to. If we registered, we would have to obey the government about what we can preach and not preach. We refuse to surrender our constitutional rights of freedom of religion and freedom of speech. Therefore we choose to not register and are not required to. The law already recognizes all churches and ministries as 501 C-3 tax exempt regardless of registration or not. We are a "Free Church", free of government regulation.

What your donations, tithes or offerings will support:

-Evangelism of the true gospel internationally, including website maintenance, computer programs, 24/7 online radio, office supplies, postage & shipping, phone, internet, and distribution of gospel tracts and bibles. (Our main international office is in the USA.)
-Pastors and congregations and bibles in A l g e r i a, where Christianity and bibles are against the law. Including shelter, medical and food.
-Our ministry in South Africa, including shelter, medical and food.
-Poor members and poor ministers worldwide. Food, rent, medicine, firewood, bibles, etc.
-Poor people worldwide including homeless, as well as prisoners. Matt. 25:31-46
-And so much more.

No Rich Pastors

Our pastors and ministers don't own any homes/buildings. They only rent. Our main pastor in the USA owns only one car that is worth only $1,200.00 and is in need of repairs. Our two pastors in northern Africa don't own any cars. All of our ministers are officially at or below the income poverty line. Therefore your financial contributions are not making us fat with riches. You are not supporting rich television evangelists with multiple mansions and fancy cars.

Current Special Needs

Updated Oct. 18, 2023: Our brother and sister in Cape Town, South Africa still needs to move out of his parent's place. And also brother Adri needs to move out of his sister's place. These are both desparate situations that are truly needful. And pastor Tim's car is in desparate need of repairs. Both A l g e r i a n congregations still need new updated copies of the bible to be printed in secret. Christian bibles are not allowed by law to be shipped into that nation or to be sold in that nation. Our sister in Tennessee needs a chriopractor which requires co-pays that she can't afford. Brother Jonathan in prison requires phone funds and stamps.

Ways to Contribute Financially

We are sorry for the inconvenience, but we can no longer accept tithes and donations online because the Biden regime is making it more difficult for "free churches". We also cannot accept checks because of dishonest people and mistakes that people often make. Therefore cash is really the only option at this time. However, you can send the cash with a tracking number by the United States Postal Service or other delivery service.

Send your gift of tithes, offerings and donations by sending cash.
We can't get a bank account in the ministry name without registering as a corporation with an official 501c3 registeration number. We refuse to register as a corporation because we are not a corporation. As a church, we are not legally required to register. We refuse to become a business. Most other churches do it all of the time. But we won't! We are not a business. We are a church!

The cash will be considered as a church tithe or offering given to God. Although you are sending it physically to us, we are stewards of The Kingdom of God, and you are giving it to God, not to mankind. Therefore, no refunds for any reason. If you get angry with us later, don't ask for a refund. God doesn't hand out refunds!
We recommend that you send the cash in a small yellow/orange "bubble packaging envelope", which you can get at least 2 or 3 in a pack at Dollar Tree. Then you will be able to send it with a tracking number if you take it to the post office. Thank you very much for your loving support.

Updated mailing address as of October 2023:
Mail cash only to:
I Saw The Light Ministries
220 W Summer St #2232 (Must use the # symbol before the numbers 2232.)
Greeneville, TN 37744

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