How to Send Donations, Tithes and Offerings to I Saw The Light Ministries

First of all, thank you very much for your interest in helping!

By USA & IRS law, all American churches and ministries are automatically considered 501 C 3 tax exempt. We have not officially registered and are not required to. If we registered, we would have to obey the government about what we can preach and not preach. We refuse to surrender our constitutional rights of freedom of religion and freedom of speech. Therefore we choose to not register and are not required to. The law already recognizes all churches and ministries as 501 C-3 tax exempt regardless of registration or not. We are a "Free Church", free of government regulation.

What your donations, tithes or offerings will support:

-Evangelism of the true gospel internationally, including website maintenance, computer programs, 24/7 online radio, office supplies, postage & shipping, phone, internet, and distribution of gospel tracts and bibles. (Our main international office is in the USA.)
-Pastors and congregations and bibles in Algeria, where Christianity is against the law. Including shelter, medical and food.
-Our ministry in Zimbabwe, including shelter, medical and food.
-Poor members and poor ministers worldwide. Food, rent, medicine, firewood, bibles, etc.
-Poor people worldwide including homeless, as well as prisoners. Matt. 25:31-46
-And so much more.

No Rich Pastors

Our pastors and ministers don't own any homes/buildings. They only rent. Our main pastor owns only one car that is worth only $1,200.00. None of the other pastors or deacons own any cars at all. All of our ministers are officially at or below the income poverty line. Therefore your financial contributions are not making us fat with riches. You are not supporting rich television evangelists with multiple mansions and fancy cars.

Current Special Needs

In additional to all of our normal financial needs, currently, we have a family in South Africa that needs our help to move out of their parent's place. The parents are false Christians who are prosecuting them for their acceptance of the truth. The parents are giving the wife a very difficult time and are trying to brainwash the child. The parents are being used by Satan as a very intense warfare against our dear sister in Christ. And the situation is very bad for our sister's health which is already suffering from high blood pressure, etc. We recenly paid for natural remedies, medical tests, doctors and an emergency hospital visit. This familly needs our help to fund moving (but have not asked) and I have pleged to try to help soon. Thanks for your consideration of this matter.

Ways to Contribute Financially

Send tithes, offerings and donations online by clicking here.

2nd (backup) option: If the above method doesn't work for you, please try clicking here for our other payment processor.

3rd option: And finally, if both of the above methods don't work for you, please try We're sorry that you are having so much trouble sending your donation/tithes. Thanks for taking the time to try all 3 options.

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