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Who or What is the True Church?

In the bible, the Greek words for Church of God was Ecclesia Theos which meant called-out ones of God. Most of the time it appeared as Ecclesia Theos at Corinth or other location which is to say "to the called out ones of God at your town". Most people have come to accept that the church is not the organization but rather the people themselves. But some continue to say that their organization is the only true church. Even the groups that admit that the church is the body of Christ, which is the people, and not the organization still act the same way they did when they thought their organization was the only true church. They still put down other groups as demonic influenced. They still hold onto pride as being one of the few to be part of the 144,000 to be protected from the Great Tribulation that is about to come onto this world to try them that dwell on the earth. Part of my ministry is to tell people that anyone who has the True Spirit of Christ within them, they are a Christian and part of the body of Christ. A true Christian might currently still be attending one of the Babylonian daughter denominations of the world, but will eventually come out of Babylon. You may think you have the monopoly on being one of the few that knows which groups are the only groups to be part of the 144,000 membership of the Church of God. But notice something!
At the end of the great tribulation, there are so many that have fully accepted all the truths and been washed with the Blood of the Lamb of God that they are un-numberable! That's more than just 144,000 and even more than 200 million! The body of Christ is not just 144,000! 144,000 is just the number of virgin males that are specifically sealed after the 6th Seal and before the 7th Seal. Remember that there are some loyal servants of God that are persecuted during the tribulation and not protected. It may not be just because they are not good enough to be protected but rather perhaps they are strong enough to make a great stand during the tribulation. The fact that they refuse to take the mark of the beast and refuse to worship the image of the beast show that they are loyal to God. Prophecy shows that they are rewarded by God for being loyal to death! The unprotected remnant of Rev. 12:17 is described as "keep the commandments of God, and have the testimony of Jesus Christ."
The un-numberable great multitude comes out of the great tribulation (Rev.7:9,14) and have been washed by the Blood of the Lamb of God, Jesus the Christ. These come out of every nation and every language. Is your group in Brazil? Is your group in Russia? Is your group in Uganda and Rwanda and Nigeria and South Africa and China and every nation on earth? Perhaps your group is not the only group that are members of the body of Christ? Perhaps the descendants of the old worldwide church of God are not the only members of the body of Christ? Perhaps God's plans are greater than anyone ever imagined? Perhaps a Pentecostal or a Baptist person can be in love with the Father and have The Holy Spirit and just haven't yet learned about the true identity of Babylon? Perhaps not all of the body of Christ are fully matured yet and are still learning and still repenting? Are you still repenting daily? Or have you rested upon your pride of being part of the only people who knows the laws?
God has shown me that the law-keepers are not the only ones that He will protect. He has shown me that the law-keepers are only a portion of His people. As the case has been through out all time, many of His people, chosen ones, are rebellious against His laws. But He is working with them. Are we? Are you? Or are you persecuting and putting down His children by refusing to have anything to do with anyone who leaps for joy because they love God so much that they can't hold it in? God is revealing the laws to the Pentecostal people! And when they fully come to accept and understand His Laws, watch out because they will really be filled with Joy! They just might kiss you! Don't be afraid of them, they have more of The Holy Spirit than you do, you Pharisee! Lay down your pride and allow your hands and arms to lift up toward His Throne. Lift your eyes toward the hills (Ps. 121) Embrace others and accept that you don't have the monopoly on God's Love. If the laws equaled love as much as you have taught, the Pharisees would be the only ones God would accept.
Think about it.
Pray about it.
Fast about it.
Ask God about it.
Humble yourselves and repent now for the time is being shortened.
God's Body, the church, is not limited to any one group or organization and not limited to the descendants of the old Worldwide Church of God. But of course the true church is not part of the popular Babylonian denominations of the world.
What is the greatest commandment?

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