Origin of the Word "Church"

Recently I have seen many people on Facebook trying to claim that the word church is pagan because of its relationship to the Proto-Germanic word for circle.

But here are the facts:
The English word goes all the way back to the Greek word "kyrios" which means "ruler" or "lord". There's nothing pagan or evil about that origin.
The next step in the evolution of this word, is the word kyriake or kyriakon doma, meaning "the Lord's house" or "the house of The Lord". Again, nothing pagan about this.
Then eventually, in other languages, kirkko, kirrik and kirika, cirika, cirica. Here you can see the letter C replacing the K as we get closer and closer to modern English. It's just language evolution. Nothing pagan about any of this.


There is nothing pagan or demonic about the word circle, or the word church.
Just because witches abuse circles doesn't make circles evil.
Just because sinners abuse rainbows doesn't make rainbows evil.

In fact, originally, when written language was very primitive, people would sometimes draw a circle to represent God!
And other times, they would draw an ox head, which eventually became the letter A.
Both letters A and O were primitive drawings/letters for God.
This is why Jesus is The Alpha & Omega.

Why did many of you accept a false teaching that the word church is evil?
Did you not check/examine the claims?
And if you did, why did you still yet accept the false teaching?

I beg you to get down on your knees and ask Jesus to give you more spiritual discernment and more logic.

There are too many legalistic (and gullible) people claiming that the words "Amen, church, Christ, Lord, God and Jesus, and Holy Ghost" are all pagan.
Yet none of those words are pagan in any way.
I have researched every one of these words more than once, and also used logic and common sense and spiritual discernment and the help of The Almighty.

However, the words Yeshua, Yahweh, Jehovah and related words are definitely pagan in origin. This is very easily proven. These are not Hebrew names, but rather Babylonian Assyrian Aramaic and are in relation to the name Allah which came from "The Yah" which is the moon god.

People need to seek spiritual discernment and wisdom!

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