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Since, we know to keep the Holy Days, and the bible says to keep them on the certain days of the month, according to the original calendar, God's created calendar, then the next question is: When is the 1st day of the month? And how do we know when the Holy Days are? Do we just take for granted what it says on the internet? Do we just take for granted what some organization publishes? Should we follow the Jews? The bible says to prove all things.
Most people, including myself, have been keeping the Holy Days according to what is published by the church organizations, having proved in the bible that we are to keep the Holy Days but without question to when they are. The organizations go by either what the Roman calendar says is the New Moon or by what the Jews say. However, the Roman calendar, modern scientist and Jews' definition of New Moon is "no moon" or "dark moon"! They get their traditions from ancient Babylon!

How to Read The Creator's Calendar

Many people blindly follow the Jews or they get their holy day dates from organizations that get their dates from the Jews. Yet the scriptures never tell us to follow whatever the Jews do. The Jews have adopted many traditions from ancient Babylon. I am not anti-Jew. In fact, I am part Jewish by blood. But we cannot follow man. The Jews are no longer in Moses' seat. Christ is now the High Priest. The Jewish authorities have forsaken the true God. We must go by scripture, not man. Here is what the scriptures say:

Genesis 1:14 KJV "And God said, Let there be lights in the firmament of the heaven to divide the day from the night; and let them be for signs, and for seasons, and for days, and years.
15 And let them be for lights in the firmament of the heaven to give light upon the earth: and it was so.
16 And God made two great lights; the greater light to rule the day, and the lesser light to rule the night: he made the stars also".

Did you read the above scriptures in your personal paperback/hardback bible today or just only on this website?
If only online, I encourage you to please open your bible and read these verses both on our website and in your bible. There is power in reading the real bible. Also, did you pray before beginning to read about this specific subject today? If not, I encourage you to take the time now to pray for understanding of truth.

The scripture above is very clear. The sun, moon and stars are the lights spoken of and they are the calendar of seasons, days, and years. The sun, moon and stars are God's created calendar. That is what we are to look at to see what time it is. We shouldn't follow people who are caught up in Babylonian traditions. Go directly to the calendar that God made for all mankind.

New Moons: The Start of the Month

According to the bible, we should make observation of the New Moons. These are not Sabbaths (days of rest) nor High Holy Days. But they are commanded days of observance with commanded assembly for worship. Click here for proof.
The month is determined by the moon. The word "month" actually means "moon". The 1st day of the month is the 1st day of a new moon. But when is the new moon?
Jews go by when there is no moon seen in the sky! That is not a New Moon. You cannot have a moon when there is no moon visible. You cannot have a sighting of the new moon if there is no moon to see. In ancient & Biblical times they would send appointed servants into the fields to observe (see) God's created calendar, which the moon is part of. It would require 2 or 3 Witnesses observing (actually seeing) the newly formed moon, that is a "New Moon", not "no moon", then it would be proclaimed to the people that the new month/moon has begun. This is how Jesus and all the apostles and prophets knew when to keep the Feasts and Holy Days! Not by a dark invisible moon!
Many people go by when the New Moon appears in Israel. That is how it was done in Israel in ancient times because they were in Israel. But today, there is no difference between Jew & Greek, God's people are now in many nations across the globe. We should not go by whether someone can see the moon in Israel. The bible never tells us that time is based on sightings of God's calendar in Israel. His calendar is the sun, moon and stars. That calendar is visible all across the globe. We don't need to depend on my Jewish brothers in Israel. We can look at the clock ourselves. What if it is cloudy in Israel on the 1st day of the moon? What if we do not have communication with people within Israel? We cannot be dependent upon them. What if it is cloudy where we are located in the USA or Europe or whatever nation you are in? What if it is very cloudy for several days?
The month and year should start on the same day for everyone all across the planet. It doesn't make sense for it to start on a certain day for someone in America and 2 days later for someone in Africa based solely on human sighting, since weather and other conditions could interfere. Therefore, we also should use everything available to us, that will tell where the sun, moon and stars are located and in what phrase. The ancient people were not ignorant of how to tell time. They were in fact, experts on the movement of the heavenly bodies, God's created calendar. Today, modern day people have lost the art of telling time by the sky. But we do now have the internet where we can find out exactly where the moon and stars are. Therefore, we can determine, years ahead, exactly when the moon will be in the "new moon" phrase. But do not go by what they call "new moon". Again, you cannot have a new moon if there is no moon. We must look to see on what day, will the moon no longer be in complete darkness but will actually start having sunlight reflecting onto it again. This would occur on the 1st day after conjunction. That is also called "1st crescent". Not 1st "visible" crescent, because weather or the horizon or trees might interfere with your visibility from your location. The moon has began a new revolution and is again collecting light from the sun. Time is based on the amount of time it takes for the moon and Earth to make a complete cycle/circuit/revolution.
The moon runs in a cycle of 29-30 days. Therefore, in the perfect middle of the month, the 14.5-15th day, the moon should be completely full, which shows that the month is in the perfect fullness or perfect middle. Therefore when we have a Holy Day that starts on the 15th, we should see a perfect full moon on the 15th or within less than 24 hours from the beginning of the 15th of God's month. If the moon is not yet perfectly full or if it is now waning away from the full moon, then you know you started the month a day or two off.

The Days of The Month are Determined by The Moon as Follows:

1st day: Moon 1st starts to return via a very small crescent around the time of sunset, appearing near the horizon for a short amount of time. You will see the crescent on the right side. Growing larger on the right side shows it's the 1st days of the month rather than the last days of the month.
2nd day: The Moon is waxing/increasing slightly larger each night and ascends higher and higher into the sky each night and stays up in the sky for a greater amount of time each night.
4th day of the month: Quarter Moon.
7-8th day of the month: 1/2 of the moon shines.
14.5-15th of month = Full Moon. The Full Moon shows that the month is in the fullness or complete middle of the month.
16th on the month = There will start to appear a slight decreasing/waning of the moon on the right side.
22nd day = Half moon again, but this time the half moon appears on the left side rather than the right side. Therefore you know that you are in the last portions of the month rather than in the beginning days of the month.
28th day = Either just a very small crescent on the left or no moon lit up.
29-30th day = No moon is lit up. You might be able to see the silhouette, but it will not be lit up. For the most accurate New Moon dates, I have listed the Holy Days and new moon dates below, later on this page. But for your own calculations/research, I recommend this link. Don't look for what they call "New Moon". But rather look for the 1st appearance of the crescent when the moon is no longer completely dark. It doesn't matter whether everyone on Earth can visibly see it or not, or whether it is visible in Israel, as long as the moon is in the phrase of no longer completely dark, then God's created calendar is saying that a new month as begun. Some websites will disagree on the moon phrases by a day or two. This website has proven to be very accurate on the moon phrases. When the internet is no longer available, you will just need to look up and try to view it. If it is too cloudy on a night, you will be able to tell the next night whether it is day one or two by how thick the crescent is. "Full Moon" is the middle of the month. However, the Full Moon may actually begin the day before or after the perfect middle of the month, depending on how many days the month contains.

Full Moon 1st Day Argument:

Some people try to claim that the month starts at full moon, and not at 1st crescent.
However, the Strong's concordance word for "new moon" is H2320, root H2318, meaning "to be new, renew, repair." If the month starts at full moon, then the next day, the moon is waning, being darkened, not growing and not being re-newed. As we see month begin and increase, we should also see the moon begin and grow/increase/wax. It doesn't make sense for it be getting smaller as the month progresses toward the middle of the month.
When we start with the 1st day after conjunction, the 1st crescent (whether visible or not), the moon increases day by day until we get into the fullness of the moon, (middle/full moon). After we get pass the middle of the month, the month/moon is shrinking toward the end of the month, until the month/moon is gone. When the moon starts to return, so does the month. Isn't this the most simple? Doesn't nature itself testify?

New Moons Are Commanded Assemblies:

Please click here for the article specifically about "New Moons" and undeniable proof that they are commanded days of assembling together for worship services.

When Does The Year Begin?

Answer: 1st new moon after Spring/vernal equinox.
Time is based on the revolutions/cycles/circuits of the sun, moon, stars and the Earth.
Genesis 1:14 KJV "And God said, Let there be lights in the firmament of the heaven to divide the day from the night; and let them be for signs, and for seasons, and for days, and years".
The bible actually says that the lights (sun, moon and stars) are for seasons, days and years. Therefore we must accept that.
But when?
Exodus 34:22, KJV: "And thou shalt observe the feast of weeks, of the 1stfruits of wheat harvest and the feast of ingathering at the year's end (end = Strong's Concordance #H8622)."
H8622 = tequwphah: coming round, circuit of time or space, a turning, circuit.
From H5362; a revolution, that is, (of the sun) course, (of time) lapse. Source:

Exodus 34:22 Greek Septuagint (LXX) & The Alpha & Omega Bible (A&O) "And you shall keep to me the Feast of Weeks, the beginning of wheat harvest; and the Feast of Ingathering in the middle of the year".

We know that the scriptures tell us that the Feast of Tabernacles is to occur in the 7th Month. Not on the 1st month or last month. Therefore the Greek Septuagint & The Alpha & Omega Bible is more accurate in the translation of this verse.
On the day of the Spring Equinox, on March 20, the sun will again be perfectly aligned with the equator. The sun will again rise due east and set due west. Day & night will essentially be the same length, each consisting roughly of around 12 hours. After this point, the daylight hours will begin to outweigh the dark hours and the sun has begun a new circuit or revolution. Therefore, the new year begins with the Spring/Vernal Equinox in the northern hemisphere where most of the tribes of Israel are located. And then the first month must begin with the first crescent moon on/after the Spring Equinox. The Holy Days must be within their proper seasons. Passover is in the 1st month and must be in the Spring. It is not Spring until the Spring Equinox.
“Let there be lights in the firmament of the heavens to divide the day from the night; let them be for signs and seasons, and for days and years” (Gen.1:14). Seasons is Strong's #H4150 - mowed: appointed place, appointed time, meeting A. appointed time i. appointed time (general) ii. sacred season, set feast, appointed season B. appointed meeting C. appointed place D. appointed sign or signal E. tent of meeting

Therefore, the sun, moon & stars not only appoint the start of each month or year but also the Holy Days themselves. Each Holy Day must be within their appointed time and appointed season. The name of the 1st biblical month is “Abib” which refers to new growth of the barley plants, which happens in the Spring. See also Lev.23:4; Numbers 9:2-3, 13; Num.28:2.

We already understand that the when the sun rises, that starts a new day. See proof. And when the moon 1st begins to shine again after 1-2 nights of darkness, the new crescent begins a new month. The sun rules the day. The moon rules the month. According to Gen.1:14, all of the heavenly bodies (sun, moon, stars) are also for the purpose of calculating the years & seasons, not just the days, nights and months.
If we are looking for only the rising and setting of the sun and moon, we cannot tell the seasons and years. Therefore we must also consider the location of the Earth compared to the sun and the stars. We know for a fact that spring agrees at the Spring/Vernal Equinox. This is when the Earth has made a complete circle around the sun which takes a full year. Therefore, Spring Equinox, March 20, is the beginning of each year. It doesn't make any sense for a new year to begin in the winter, or in the middle of any season. The only thing that makes sense is for the new year to begin with the new Spring.

Exo 12:2 “THIS MONTH SHALL BE TO YOU THE BEGINNING OF MONTHS: IT IS THE 1st TO YOU AMONG THE MONTHS OF THE YEAR. But here is where it gets confusing: The new moon usually does not begin on March 20. The new moon can be 2 weeks before, or 2 weeks after the Spring Equinox. Some times just a day or two before or after. So should we say that the closest new moon to the Spring Equinox is the 1st day of the new year, because it is the beginning of the month, even if that new moon is before the equinox? The Jews say that the 1st month can begin before or after the equinox. But that confuses me. How can we say that the 1st month of the new year begins before the year begins? If we say that the new year has started before the new year, that doesn't make any sense!

Therefore, the bottom line/conclusion must be that the new year begins at the equinox, but the 1st month of the new year does not begin until the 1st new moon after the equinox. Always. But then, that could still leave us several days, perhaps 2 weeks before the equinox that must be identified to what month it is. If we finish the 12th month before equinox, and still have some days remaining until the equinox, then we must proclaim those days as the 13th month. We cannot proclaim those days as being month #1 of the new year when the new year (equinox) has not yet occurred. The Earth has not yet finished its rotation around the sun. The constellations are also not yet in their perfect location. Constellations are in specific locations each week of the year, and therefore you can actually tell the date by the stars.

Regardless of what method you use in God's calendar, you are still going to need a 13th month occasionally. But always declaring the 1st new moon after equinox is the only true method that makes any sense. And I know that Jesus has taught me this. The idea of only 12 months, every year, is a Roman invention. It might seem weird to most modern western people for us to have a 13th month. But that's only because of what you have always been accustomed to. Some other cultures and many other generations would not have the same feeling as you do about having a 13th month.

13th Month:

When we first think of postponement and the 13th month, it seems complicated. But it's not really complicated at all. It's very easy & simple.
When I look at the calendar for February 2021, I see that we have listed Feb. 12 as the first day of the 12th month.
We must finish the 12th month.
The last day of the 12th month will be March 13.
That is before Spring Equinox.
We can not start the 1st month before Spring Equinox.
Many people do. But it's not correct, because you can't start the 1st month before you start the new year.
Starting first month before new year would not be logical, doesn't make any sense.
The new year starts on the day of Spring Equinox March 20 every year.
The first month begins on the first new moon after Spring Equinox.
So if I look at 2021, because we end 12th month on March 13, there must be a 13th month from March 14 - April 12.
Then first month must begin April 13. Then we start counting the days to Passover.
So it's that simple.
How do we know that the new year begins on Spring Equinox?
History shows that it always did for thousands of years by nature.
God's clock and calendar is the sun, moon and stars.
The bible says that He made the sun, moon and stars for seasons and appointed times.
The beginning of the day is determined by the sun.
The beginning of the month is determined by the moon.
That leaves/remains the stars. What do the stars determine?
At Spring Equinox every year, the sun moves through the star constellation Aries.
The star constellations determine the Spring Equinox and the autumn Vernal Equinox and the first day of winter and summer.
This is part of the reason why people built Stone Hedge and the pyramids and obelisks, is to use them as clocks to point to the sun and the constellations to tell time.
The bible doesn't tell us that the year begins at Spring Equinox, but it does tell us that the stars have a part in the calendar.
Archaeology and history both tell us that it was the Spring Equinox that ancient people all across the entire world began their new year until the Romans moved the new year to January.
The bible also says that God made the constellations and the bible also uses names for some of the constellations and stars.
And God commanded the high priest to wear a breastplate that included the Zodiac birth stones of each of the 12 tribes.
So the bible and God are not against looking at the constellations/Zodiac to tell time and to learn about the universe and to learn about ourselves.
We must not look at horoscopes every day or every week or every month for direction in life.
Instead, we look to God Jesus himself for direction in life.
But we can and we should look at our birth constellation such as Aries or Libra, etc to examine ourselves about our strengths & weaknesses.
We can do this both in the monthly Zodiacs and also in the yearly Chinese Zodiac.
For example, Jesus was born in the constellation of Virgo the virgin. His mom was a virgin and He was a virgin. So we can learn the bible story by looking at the Zodiac.
The constellations in September show the birth of Christ and also show that the devil/dragon/serpent tried to kill him and that is written in the stars also.
In Chinese Zodiac, Jesus was born in the year of the Lamb. Jesus was the Lamb of God.
A woman in the Philippines on the internet said that she knew the story of Jesus by looking at the stars before anyone taught her about the bible and Jesus.

Please see the sermon notes for Jesus the Virgo.

Please also see the sermon notes for the Bible in the stars.

How To Tell Time by the Stars & Constellations

God created the sun, moon, and stars as His time clock.
In ancient times mankind did not have watches and clocks made by man. Instead, they observed the sun, moon and stars including the constellations. They then went too far and started worshipping those heavenly objects which of course is wrong. But there is nothing wrong with observing those objects as a clock as God intended. To learn how to read the stars and constellations as pieces of the time clock for hours, weeks, months and years, please study these recommended links: Using the big dipper.
88 Constellations Sorted by Month

When Day Starts

There is day and night. But the 24 hour day is determined by the sun.
It's very important to know whether each day starts at sunrise or at sunset. It's a subject that requires an article of its own. So please bookmark the article that you are currently reading. And bookmark the article linked here for "When the Day Starts".
Click here to learn that the 24 hour day starts at twilight, in the morning, near sunrise. Not at sunset as the Jews adopted from Babylon.

Lunar Weekly Sabbath?

Some people claim that we observe the weekly 7th day of the week, commanded rest & assembly, by counting from the 1st day of the month. That is not accurate and it is not biblical. Please click here to see proof against the "Lunar Weekly Sabbath Theory".

Weekly 7th Day of Rest & Assembly

However, we are instructed in the scriptures to observe the 7th Day of every week as a commanded rest & assembly.
Click here to learn about the 7th Day Rest & Assembly, the 4th Commandment.

Accusation: This is moon, sun, star worship.
Answer: If this is worship of the moon, sun and stars, then whenever you look at the calendar on your wall, that also is worship. All you are doing is looking to see what day it is, when the month ends and end the year ends, etc. When we look at God's calendar in the sky, all we are doing is looking at the calendar. There is no worship here of those creations.

Objection: "We should follow what the Jews do, instead of what you are teaching, because Jesus said that the scribes & Pharisees sit in Moses' seat".
Answer: Jesus never said that the Jews/scribes and Pharisees would always and forever stay in the seat of Moses. It's very clear from scripture that his disciples were trained to take their place and that the apostles that followed also especially took the place of the scribes and Pharisees in the seat of Moses. Paul went to the Jerusalem Council of Elders, which shows that Paul understood that the Christian church elders took the seat of Moses. Ephesians declares that the administration of the church is the apostles, prophets, evangelists, pastors & deacons of the true Christian fellowship, not the Jews who deny Jesus as God. 2 John verses 7-11 teach that we should not even bless or welcome anyone into our house if they do not accept Jesus as God. So Paul and John both agreed that the apostles took Moses' seat and both you tell you to not embrace the teachings of antichrist people who reject Jesus!
Today, as the pastor and apostle of I Saw The Light Ministries, I take Moses' seat. I am the only internationally known pastor on Earth that is declaring to all nations the very specific and extremely important prophecy that Bashar Assad will manifest himself in Heaven & appear in the sky in a fake coming of Jesus and the world will worship him, and exactly 30 days later, Syria, Iran & Russia will invade & conquer Israel. Jesus appointed me as the apostle of the church to declare these prophecies and also to translate and publish the most accurate English translation of the bible, The Alpha & Omega Bible. (See more proof of my office & information about the future 2 witnesses click here.) Therefore, I teach & administer in Moses' office and declare to the worldwide church exactly what the bible and God teaches. Not what the Jews teach, and not what I think or my personal opinion, but what the bible really teaches. That is what the person/people in the seat of Moses must do.

For the dates of the Holy Days and New Moons, we have a list of the dates and also printable calendars at

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