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For each video, please watch the entire video to be able to examine enough evidence to make a truly informed decision instead of making a "knee jerk" reaction based upon your preconceived beliefs. We should all allow the scriptures to teach us and change our opinions and beliefs to become more in align with the truth of scripture, rather than the traditional doctrines of mankind's religions.

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Ukraine war will soon expand into war in Poland, UK, Syria, Iran, Israel, USA, etc.

Saudi Arabia is Building The End Time City of Babylon. Click here for video.
Proof that Babylon is not the United States of America, but rather is in Saudi Arabia. To read the entire article, please click here.

The Trinity: The Mahdi, Pope Francis & Pope Benedict to Stand on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem

Fake Coming of Jesus Christ Soon! The sky will split open & people will think it's the rapture. But it's going to be the antichrist.

Strong Delusion Revealed! Antichrist to be Seen in Heaven
Don't deny it without examining the evidence.

WW3 in Heaven. No Place to Sit on Temple Mount

Proof Bashar Assad is Son of Perdition (The Assyrian Antichrist)

Third Temple (Jewish Temple) Will Never Be Built

3 Symbols of 666 Mark of the Beast: The Multitudes of Evil People Who Follow The Antichrist

The Coming Great Earthquake and Second Great Exodus

Daniel 7 Being Fulfilled: Antichrist Plans to Change All World Time Zones, Change Laws and Time

Pale Horseman Caught on Camera Riding in Streets of Egypt, 4th Seal of Book of Revelation

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