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QAnon = Q Anonymous. It's a conspiracy theory on the internet. There is a person who anonymously posts on the internet by the name of Q. He claims to be in the US Federal government and knows Trump personally. He claims to be very involved with Trump's secret plan to gather up and arrest Obama, Hillary Clinton and other high ranking democrat leaders by court martial. The supposed plan will save America, once and for all, from the Nazi, Islam, Communist agendas. This sounds wonderful. I would definitely support such a plan and such a group if it was real and would actually work and be accomplished. But the reality says completely different!

Daniel 2:27-49 The king of Babylon was a pagan. Not a true follower of God. Yet God chose him to rule the world's main land of civilization during that time frame. God gave the pagan king his power to reign and lead the biggest empire on Earth. He had a dream which revealed that his kingdom would be replaced with another kingdom. And then that kingdom would also be replaced, and then another and another. Finally, in our day and time, the King of Syria, Bashar Assad, will be given all the nations of the world including the USA and Israel, and Europe. The feet with 10 toes of clay and iron represent the 10 horns of the beast of Rev.13. These 10 end times leaders/governors will be under the authority of Assad, the Son of Perdition (who most Christians will call "the antichrist".) Rev.13:7 confirms that all languages, tribes and nations will be given to the antichrist. God Himself ordains this to occur. That is nothing we can do to stop it. Trump cannot stop scripture from being fulfilled. No plan, no person, no group can stop scripture from being fulfilled. Even if Q was true, any success of the plan would be very short lived. Because we are already at the door to the Great Tribulation. We don't have time for this. The Great Tribulation is very close to us right now. Just open your eyes and see what is going on in Russia, China, Iran, Syria! These nations are preparing to invade USA! And Ezek.38 and the book of Revelation confirms that these nations will invade Israel, which includes all of the British Commonwealth and America.

Daniel 7, entire chapter, also confirms that Assad's empire will control the entire world. And that things are not going to get better before the Great Tribulation, nor during it, for America & the world. Things are only going to get worse and worse. Much war and death and destruction is coming to all nations. That's the reality. And these verses also teach that the Earth will be given into the hands of the Saints after Jesus returns. Not until then. America is not going to be controlled by righteous conservatives or Christians or Saints until Jesus comes. That's the reality. War and invasion is ordained. The world will be run by evil beasts. That's ordained. It's going to happen and there is nothing we can do to stop it.

Ezek. 38 shows that Gog and Magog (Russia/Putin and China) will invade USA and the other tribes of Israel. People are very ignorant of the bible if they think that only the Jews are Israel. There was always 12 tribes of Israel. The Jews are the one tribe of Judah. But USA is the tribe of Manasseh. Ephraim is the British Commonwealth. Notice in verse 11 that Trump's wall will not be finished before the invasion. There is a reason why the bible says that there is no wall. It's important. Or else it would not have been written! They have already begun to build it. And I fully support building it. It's necessary to the security of America. But the reality is that it will not be finished, because the bible says so! There is nothing that Trump or Q could possibly do to change written scripture! People from across the USA have contacted me over the years, to tell me about their dreams and visions of the invasion. The dreams are all very similar, thereby proving that it's not the people's imagination. People across the nation cannot have the same dream and it just be their imagination. It is God who is giving them the dreams because He is revealing the future, and the results of people's sins. In the Apocrypha, in "The Wisdom of Solomon" 18:17-19, it says that God gave the Egyptians dreams that told them that their first born children would die in the 10th plague. God showed them ahead of time, before it happened, the results of their sins and why it would happen. That's exactly what Jesus is doing right now, by giving these dreams to people. In fact, in almost all of the dreams, the people see themselves being killed by the invaders.

Jer.27:1-15 Jeremiah is told by God to not fight/resist the invaders and that he must tell everyone to not fight. This is because Jesus Himself is sending the invaders as punishment for people's sins. The armies are the ministers of God's punishment for our sins. In fact, Isa.10:5 says that the king of Assyria, (Assad), is the rod/paddle of his wrath/anger.
The lesson of the image/statue that King Neb saw in the book of Daniel, is that the entire statue is still standing when Jesus comes back. The feet and toes cannot exist, unless the head/brain also still exist. You cannot have feet without the entire body. People think that the Babylon, Persian, Greek and Roman empires ceased to exist. But they didn't. They all still exist in the feet and toes, iron and clay mixed, in the end time, until Jesus comes. Each and every one of these ancient empires knew that they were the renewed, revived Assyrian Babylonian empire. If God told Jeremiah that we are not to resist the king of Babylon, it's still true today, because Assad is the same demon that existed in many of those ancient empires and the 8th king of Rev. 17:11 is the return of a former king, thus a fallen angel, as also revealed in Daniel, concerning the 10 toes that are "mixed with the seed of men". These scriptures in Jer.34/27 teach us that if we oppose the king of Babylon, God will punish us, because God Himself is sending the punishment. Also Ezek.38:4 in the NASB and KJV reveals that God Himself will put the hooks into the jaws of Putin and bring him into Israel/USA/British Commonwealth.
God is not going to bless America any longer. America is filled and overflowing with wicked people who have rejected God's holy word. Even the so called "conservatives" and so called "Christians" and "patriots" are filled with sin and rejection of God's holy truth. God will not bless or protect America. He will destroy it!

John 18:36 Jesus says that His Kingdom is not of this world, otherwise we would fight. But we don't fight physically with swords or guns. Most QAnon people have more faith in their guns and Trump than they do in Jesus. I see their pictures and posts on Facebook and Twitter. And they are literally worshipping Trump and the ground he walks on. According to them, Trump can do nothing wrong. QAnon could also easily be called "The Church of Trump". They support his every move, even when Trump is wrong. It's insane. I support Trump. Overall, he is doing a great job. But he is not God. He is not Jesus. And he is not perfect. He has been doing some things wrong. People need to confess his failures, faults and weaknesses as well as his strengths! I can see why some people think that Trump is the antichrist, because so many people are worshipping him. But it's impossible for Trump to be the antichrist, because he is not the king of Assyria/Syria. But rather, Trump is the king of Manasseh, a tribe of Israel.

Zech.4:1-9 God restored the temple that Babylon destroyed. But He did this restoration by using not only the Jews, but also the Persian Empire. God could have destroyed the Persian empire. But He didn't. Instead, He kept Israel and the Jews under bondage to the Babylonian statue of empires that will exist until the day that Jesus comes back.
Notice that it says that even though God chose the 2 men, Zorobabel and Joshua, to restore the temple, it was not because of the power or plan of these 2 men. It was not due to their physical muscles or wisdom, intelligence, plan or any other human carnal effort. Of course, they still had to do physical things. They had to put action in their work. But it was God's spirit that made it all possible. We must have the proper balance. Too many people are to the extreme, one way or the other.
Many people think we should not vote, nor be involved in any way in human government, since we are of God's kingdom and not of this world. But they ignore the fact that God put these 2 men in Zech.4 into human government, as well as Moses, Joseph, Daniel and other men of God in the bible. The bible does not tell us to completely reject the government of men. In fact, it tells us to obey the governments of men. And even Jesus paid his taxes to men's government. And even Paul claimed his citizenship and rights under the wicked Roman Empire. It is highly probable that the 2 witnesses of Rev.11 will be a religious leader and a government politician, since Rev.11 reveals their connection with Zech.4 which also included government leaders of mankind. God has always used people involved in men's governments. He never called His people out of men's governments. Never!
In fact, it is very important for us to get involved in government and vote, protest and sign petitions and be involved in our community in an effort to defend ourselves, our congregations, our families and society from the forces of evil. I believe in doing more than just praying! We need to put feet and hands to our prayers and be the body/hands/feet/power of Christ on this Earth!
But on the other extreme, the followers of QAnon claim that we should depend on Trump or human effort or human government to save America. It's just simply not going to happen. Because time is short and scripture must be fulfilled and God is not behind any such plan of Q. Instead, God's plan is to destroy and invade America, to punish everyone for their sins. And that is what is really needed. If Trump was to some how magically arrest all of the democrats, it would be immediate civil war and battle in the streets all across America and the end of America, not the salvation of America! The bible does not speak of the destruction of America by our own hands from within. But rather by invasion. God is not going to bless or save America until after the people repent of all of their wickedness and rebellion after the invasion. That's the true reality which we must face.

Instead of people focusing and believing so much in King Trump, they need to turn their focus onto the bible and the reality of biblical prophecy and repent of their sins and rebellion against God and His Kingdom and His will and His plan and His instructions.

Therefore, the prophecy that Q-Anon or Trump will be successful at arresting and defeating Obama and Hillary Clinton and thereby save America and make America great again, is hereby refuted and debunked.

Forever live King Jesus!

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