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Masculinity Test. How Masculine Are You?

I made this 55 question test or quiz myself and I guarantee you that it is accurate!
Please use your results to sincerely examine yourself, instead of complaining about the test.
A true test of masculinity for our modern world. Not everyone will agree with the questions and the answers and the scores. But this will truly tell you how manly that you are in the context of our modern world.
Everyone has both some masculine and feminine characteristics. Remember the recent sermon, that obedience to GOD is masculine, while disobedience is feminine. Plus, corrupt modern society (including Babylon) has greatly influenced everyone. So it's okay if you are a man and don't get 100%. But the higher the score the better.
How true are you to your naturally, God given role? How far off the natural path have you gone? Take the test to discover the truth!
My own score was 88%. The fact that even I did not make 100% shows that the test is accurate. No one is perfect!
So I am sure that most men who take the test will claim that it's not accurate. But I have no doubt that it is accurate. Modern society with high technology and false religion has corrupted every person on this planet including myself. We can't expect to be 100% perfect yet. But with the help of this test, hopefully men will take more time and more effort into examining themselves to help them to push toward greater masculinity instead of just insulting the test.
If you are a male and don't make it into the 90's or 100%, don't be too sad. The entire world is corrupted and no one is perfect yet. If your score is in the 80's, you are very masculine. If you make it to 90 or above, you are extremely masculine! If your score is less than 80, you got some work to do on improving maturity, world experience, masculinity and/or deep, sincere bible study, praying and fasting about how GOD wants you to live and/or think as a man. Instead of insulting the test, the best thing to do is to examine yourself deeply and carefully. Everyone of us have room for improvement. Don't be too prideful to admit that! Hopefully, we all grow and mature every year with more life experience.

Javascript must be enabled for the test to work and display below. Privacy is important to you and to us. Your information will not be shared. Honesty is important to accurate test results.

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