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Vita Springs
Sells many categories of products including:
Supplements, vitamins, natural health products, herbs, oils, teas,
Medical supplies,
Grocery/food items, dried fruits, healthy snacks, nutrition bars, flour, baking power, rice, powered milk,
Seasonings, spices, cereals, candy, canned meats and more!
Pet products,
Men's health & men's sexual health
International orders accepted!
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Pets Alone At Home, Nature's Answer Herbal Formulas = Coupon Code NA10P for 10% OFF.
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Men's products
Crystal stick deodorant, natural mineral deodorant
Biofreeze cold therapy pain relief roll-on
Allergy Aid with quercetin, Oregon's Wild Harvest
Pine bark extract 240 mg, Now Foods
Respir-All, respiratory support, Now Foods
BHI allergy formula, MediNatura
Ultra Omega 3-6-9, Country Life
Pet products
Mental health products

Matcha Green Tea
Much more nutritious than regular green tea & black tea, Matcha green tea provides over 60x the antioxidants of spinach and 7x the antioxidants of high quality dark chocolate. It burns body fat faster than other teas, helps with cholesterol and heart, and helps with focus and concentration. Despite the caffeine, many people report that Matcha green tea helps them feel more calm, not jittery.

Sometimes, this tea is found as tea bags. But more often, it's known as a powder that you mix directly into the hot water. It usually takes only a half of a teaspoon of the powder, sometimes one full level teaspoon, depending on the brand.
It's very important to buy only organic tea and coffee, as both tea and coffee is usually sprayed very heavily with toxic pesticides.
Never buy any food grown or packaged in China. Matcha green tea is normally grown in Japan but you might find some from China which you must avoid.

This link is my recommendation for the best, more affordable Matcha green tea. Sencha Naturals Organic Everyday Matcha, 100% Japanese Green Tea Powder, 12 oz bag. 225 servings! This brand is well known and has mostly great reviews.
I earn a tiny little 10% of your purchase price to help me with funding my worldwide ministry. I am ordering this product for myself and my family.
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Survival Frog
One of the most popular survival prepping supplies websites.
Tents, camping, hiking, solar, dehydrated food, radios, lights, fire starters + more.
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Under $20 category

Red Light Therapy
For sore muscles, immune system boost, bodybuilding, mood therapy and more.
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Solar Ovens
Cook without electricity or fuel using only the power of the sun.
This solar sun oven is the best available anywhere and made in the USA.
Must have survival prepping equipment.
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Save Dollar Stores
Sells many categories of products including:
School & office supplies,
Pet supplies,
Hardware: paint, pipes, tubing, pipe fittings,
Safety equipment
Company based in Delaware, not California!
Free shipping to all 48 contiguous US states.
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