Proof That The COVID-19 SARS-2 Coronavirus is Real and Serious

This article discusses the existence of, and the serious of, the COVID-19 SARS 2 virus.
This does not automatically mean that we approve of a "vaccine", as that is a completely different topic.

Many people are claiming that the COVID-19 virus is not serious, as weak as the flu, or else that the virus doesn't exist at all. And that the actions of governments worldwide and the ruckus in the news is just a show to increase government control and take away liberties. So was there really a virus? Let's examine the facts and see the truth. Please take the time to examine all of the facts before making a final judgment.

A Method and A Motive: SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) Coronavirus Created By China To Invade the USA

It's been well established that COVID-19 originated in Wuhan, China, which contains China's most advanced virus lab. China and the pro-China World Health Organization (WHO) cooperated to cover up the initial pandemic in China and hide information about the virus, which made it harder for the rest of the world to study and prepare for the outbreaks. China clearly wanted the virus to kill many people. History also confirms that this has been their motive.

On April 23, 2005, the Minster of Defense (and vice-chairman of China’s Central Military Commission) declared that China was working on biological warfare weapons (viruses) that they would eventually use against the USA just before a physical military invasion thereof. He also said that they could not afford to wait past 10 years, which would had been 2015. Therefore, 2020 is well overdue for an invasion from China. He also said that when the land of China reaches its limit of capacity of people, "more than half of the population will have to go", in other words, they are willing to kill their own people also.

COVID19 SARS 2 infects and kills mostly people with type A blood, which are higher percentage in the English and other Anglo Saxons (whites), but low in the Chinese population and also low in the African and Arab nations. I believe this gives even more evidence that China engineered the virus to kill Americans. In fact, the number of confirmed cases in the USA is officially now higher than any other nation. In fact, the above sources prove that China was attempting to genetically engineer viruses that would specifically kill white people and not as many Chinese.
Additional sources:

The above source for blood types is specific to ethnic groups (races). The following source is specific to nations.
If you click on the arrow for "population" to arrange the nations by population, then you see that the Unites States has the world's 3rd highest population, only behind China and India. You will also notice that the United States has more people with type A blood than India and China. Therefore, if China was attempting to kill the most people possible with the coronavirus, especially white English people, and especially America, then a virus engineered to attack people with A type blood, would be an effective biological weapon against the USA.
In the chart in the source above, if you click on "A+" to group the nations by blood type, the United States is 27th in the world. Japan is the only Asian nation that has more people than America with type A blood. That's probably due to American troops based in Japan and the intermarriage and sexual relations with Americans. There's 90 American military bases in Japan! And we also know that Japan is an enemy of China, so even if the A types are truly Japanese, China would want to kill them also.
Many of the nations listed above the "Unites States" in the chart, are Anglo Saxon European nations or else American allies or NATO members. The final conclusion is that China admitted to attempt to genetically engineer viruses that would kill more Americans than Chinese and I have presented proof that the COVID-19 coronavirus targets the blood type that is more common in America, the English people, NATO member nations and American allies.

You can read more about China's intentions to invade the US at this article.

Timing of the Virus

The intentional release of the coronavirus by the Chinese military was perfectly timed with the George Floyd riots, other race riots and also the riots of the terrorist groups Black Lives Matters (BLM) and Antifa. Both groups promote the destruction of America. Their members are communist, Nazi fascists and Muslims who are being used by Syria, Iran, Russia and China, as well as the Democrat party, to begin the destruction of America so that the Islamic & communist nations can soon send their foreign troops to finish the job.
The release of the biological warfare was also perfectly timed with the American presidential election year and their planned election fraud. Even decades ago, the communist and Muslims both admitted to their tactics (and future plans) of using racial riots, hatred of American government, division within the population, colleges and universities, the main stream media, leftist judges, and corporative takeover as tools for their conquest of capitalism and America. The timing of the virus, in combination with all of the above, confirms that it is a real biological weapon and not fake; and not just the flu.

Jesus Sent Forewarning Via Apostle Zimmerman

In December of 2019, Jesus led Apostle Zimmerman to proclaim "Beware of Captain Trips". He sent the message via the notification text/email system that this ministry had at the time. Captain Trips is the nickname of a deadly virus in the book and movie called "The Stand" by Stephen King. In the book/movie, the virus escapes from a government lab, which results in almost everyone on Earth dying except for only the people that are chosen either by God or by Satan for the end time final stand. The apostle also spoke of the movie in a sermon in December 2019. Both the sermon and the notification text/email were before anyone in the public knew anything about the virus.

We have since learned that this SARS 2 coronavirus pandemic is part of the fulfillment of the 4th seal in Revelation 6, which is greatly increased just before the Great Tribulation. All signs and indications are that we are very near to the Great Tribulation; and therefore, the holy scriptures promise us much death via disease at this current time! This in itself is huge biblical confirmation of the reality of the virus.

Indeed, God did release the epidemic as a way to separate/sift the world's population into the final 2 groups of units, those chosen by God and those chosen by Satan for the final stand. The many people who like to ride the fence and not make a stand for either side, good or evil, hot or cold, are vomited out into the mass graves of the Earth.

Eye Witnesses

Multiple Chinese whistleblowers, including a virologist, risked their lives and warned about the severity of the outbreak, and that the virus was engineered in the Wuhan lab and not natural.

Multiple cruise ships had record numbers of deaths.

China: 21 Million Cellphone Users Disappear in Three Months

News reports and videos and blogs by nurses, doctors and patients showed hospital hallways full of bodies and patients, bodybags being hauled in and out by the truck load, and many other warnings about the severity of the pandemic outbreak.

Nursing home deaths in many cities and many nations greatly increased in 2020 before the vaccine was released.

Many people have testified online of their sickness and the sickness and deaths of their loved ones; and this includes many people who previously did not believe in the virus.
In addition to the many people who died, there are also many people suffering from long-term effects of the coronavirus: brain, lung, and muscle damage, loss of smell, etc. These people can also tell you how bad the virus is.

In order to deny that the virus was serious, you would have to refute not just one news outlet or one country or a few people, but every nation and millions of people all across the world who have had the virus and have lost friends and family and have seen the chaos it caused. You would also have to accuse many politicians and leaders of making an expensive false panic, and the same for the hospitals, doctors, insurance companies. It's ridiculous to think that this ruckus is all about nothing, and that billions of people, even in your own town, even factions and nations and groups that normally disagree with each other, have all conspired together to make up a fake virus or to exaggerate a weak one.

Huge Number of Excess Deaths Worldwide

Many people claim that death rates have been normal since COVID appeared, and that the huge number of claimed COVID deaths is due to aggressive labeling of cause of death, promoted by incentives to label deaths as COVID. And there surely are mislabeled cases out there. However, when you look at the facts, the real situation becomes clear.

The overall death count in the US and worldwide both reflect a real pandemic. Millions more people died worldwide in months, and deaths spiked to over five times the normal rate in many cities. This is from all natural causes of death: cancer, heart disease, stroke, septicemia, diabetes, and any virus including the coronavirus... so whether the cause was labeled as COVID or not, the fact is that many more people died in 2020, way more than normal.

Events and reports show proof that there was a huge virus outbreak and many people really did die, and continue to get sick from and die from this pandemic virus.

State Vital Statistics Show Spikes and Increases in Deaths in 2020

Each state has a Division of Vital Records, responsible for birth certificates, death records, and marriage certificates. But many also publish vital statistics, including mortality statistics. These are not Center of Disease Control counts, nor are these federal counts. These are state counts published by each state. The statistics themselves include all natural-cause deaths, which is what we want to examine to determine whether there was a pandemic in 2020 or not. These data include all deaths from all causes: heart disease, cancer, diabetes... not just COVID. Some of these numbers are all deaths including suicides, homicides, and accidents, and others are just natural deaths; the unnatural deaths generally stay around the same each year and are few in comparison to the natural deaths.

As of writing this, many states haven't posted vital statistics reports for 2020. Here is a listing of pages and reports for states that had reports for 2020, starting with the more conservative states:

Oklahoma: 47,467 in 2020 vs 40,702 in 2019. A 16.6% increase. (source)

Florida: 239,337 in 2020 vs 205,828 in 2019. A 16.2% increase.

North Dakota: 7,934 deaths in 2020 vs 6,611 deaths in 2019. A 20% increase. (2020 source, 2019 source)

Ohio: 143,514 in 2020 vs 123,705 in 2019. A 16% increase.

Michigan: 98,155 in 2020 vs 81,496 in 2019. A 20.4% increase. The worst month was in April 2020, where there were 64% more deaths than in 2019. (source)

Connecticut: 37,742 in 2020 vs 31,942 in 2019. An 18% increase. (source)

California: 277,571 in 2020 vs 246,578 in 2019. A 12.5% increase. (source)

Oregon: 46,797 in 2020-2021 vs 2017-2019 average of 42,735. A 9.5% increase.

New Jersey: 95,540 in 2020 vs 74,674 in 2019. A 27.9% increase. Noticed that deaths tripled in April 2020 compared to April 2019, with some of the more urban counties showing spikes of 3 times to over 5 times as many deaths. (source)

Deaths in the USA generally increase slowly as population grows and ages, staying around the same each year or slightly increasing. So to see 15-20% increases in one year is huge (and it's even higher when you limit to the March through December time range when the virus was active). Many urban areas and cities experienced huge spikes in deaths, which were reported in many places, including in these vital statistics.

CDC Death Totals for USA Show The Extent of The Epidemic's Destruction

2020 mortality data from the Center of Disease Control (CDC) shows an overwhelming increase in US deaths from all causes over deaths in previous years.
- Over 500K more US deaths than normal from March - Dec 2020, a 23.7% increase over previous years for this period. (This is counting all natural causes, not just deaths labeled as COVID. By claiming that the virus is fake, you're also claiming that all these extra deaths are just made up, and that thousands of hospitals all over the entire United States reported thousands of deaths that didn't happen. If that is the case, then why hasn't anyone stepped forward to report that a hospital made up thousands of fake deaths?)
- Only about 380K of these extra deaths were attributed in part or in whole to COVID. Deaths from other causes, such as cancer, heart disease, stroke, Alzheimer's, diabetes, etc. spiked to way more than normal. Even though these deaths weren't attributed to COVID, it was a real contributing factor, otherwise not so many people would have died from heart attack, stroke, Alzheimer's, etc. No other event can explain all these extra natural deaths. This shows that even though some deaths may have been mislabeled as COVID, the overall number of deaths caused by COVID is actually much, much higher than reported, not lower. This also shows how the virus increases mortality and causes health conditions in ways that aren't easily attributable to it.

All of this put together illustrates just how large the scale of COVID-19 was. A huge proportion of people worldwide caught it. It was especially harmful to the sick and elderly. And the scale of people that died from it wasn't like a bad season of the flu. For comparison, after a recent bad season in 2017 in US about 60K more people had died that year than normal. But in 2020 there were over 500K excess Americans dead from all causes compared to normal.
That's huge! The scale of the pandemic is comparable to the world wars. Yet instead of millions of people dying from bombs and bullets in a battlefield, it's millions of people dying silently in hospitals, in nursing homes, and at home behind closed doors.

Myths Debunked

Myth: The virus has never been isolated and observed by the human eye.

Facts: Doctors, hospital workers, and hospital patients in many areas of the world have observed an increase in emergencies and deaths.

Since the pandemic started, numerous researchers have been studying how long the virus can live on various surfaces, and what helps to kill it.

The SARS-CoV-2 virus has been examined under scanning electron microscopes and we know what distinguishes it structurally from the SARS-1 virus.

COVID-19 has been gene sequenced and the genome is published. Moreover, variants and mutations of the virus continue to be discovered and their spread is tracked.

Several Indian researchers published a paper, "Uncanny similarity of unique inserts in the 2019-nCoV spike protein to HIV-1 gp 120 and Gag", which examines the genome of the COVID-19 virus and claims to have found four insertions highly similar to HIV. (Mainstream media reports promptly argued against this paper, claiming it wasn't peer-reviewed, and that the virus was natural and not man-made. Regardless of whether the inserts really are unique to HIV or whether it's common across many viruses, the point is every party here agrees that there is a virus and they are studying it.)

Multiple doctors have tested various treatments and found hydroxychloroquine + zinc combinations to be effective on patients. Mainstream Democrat media immediately argued against this treatment. How are these doctors experimenting with treatments on a virus that doesn't exist? How is the media debating the effectiveness of a cure for a virus that doesn't exist?

There are even reports of researchers who have deliberately measured their antibody levels and exposed themselves to the virus to test whether the antibodies were short-lived and if reinfection was possible.

In order to claim that the virus isn't real, you would have to ignore the experiences of millions of people around the world who have seen its effects firsthand. And you would have to claim that the genome is fake, the antibodies are fake, every detection test is fake, everyone working on tracking the virus in hospitals and in sewage are in on the game, independent Indian scientists wrote a fake paper, the CDC faked all the numbers including overall natural death counts even within the first 2 months of the epidemic, the Chinese whistleblowers risked their lives for nothing, and all the people locally and online saying they caught the virus are paid actors or delusional. So where are all these people getting the delusional idea that they caught a virus that's been causing heavy symptoms? You might as well claim that reality is an illusion and everything is fake and only your own view counts! Because that is what many of the COVID deniers are doing.

Regional Differences

Just because you live in a small, rural town, don't know anyone who went to the hospital or who works in one, and don't have access to an electron microscope, doesn't mean that the virus isn't real and researchers haven't observed it. Even if you work at a local rural hospital and have not seen large numbers of deaths or infections, that doesn't mean that what you see in your area is also true worldwide. The virus has many different mutations and some areas have been proven to be hit harder with the more serious mutations. So there's going to be variations of death rates and infections rates in different regions.

Myth: The virus is only dangerous to the elderly and the sick.

Fact: There are many accounts of healthy young people, even athletes, getting seriously ill, perhaps even dying or having long-term side effects from the virus. There are many healthy people who caught the virus and are still experiencing unusual COVID long term side effects such as loss of smell, or damage to the heart, lungs, brain or muscles even a year after getting the virus. A few such reports are listed below.

North Carolina Basketball Player, 19, Dies of Neurological Problems from COVID-19
'I Was A Healthy, Young Athlete': 23-Year-Old Rugby Player Suffers Stroke Due To COVID Complications
Georgia Confirms Healthy 7-Year-Old is State's Youngest Coronavirus-Related Death
These Young, Healthy COVID-19 Survivors Face Long-Term Issues


Objection: There are no new flu cases. Flu cases have completely disappeared from the CDC website. All flu cases are therefore reported as COVID.
Answer: The COVID test is not specific to only one kind of coronavirus. It's difficult to determine whether someone has SARS 1, COVID-19 which is SARS 2, swine flu, bird flu, regular flu or pneumonia. Therefore they are lumping all these infections under one name. However, if we consider the yearly total number of dead from each virus, and compared it to 2020, it's very clear that there is an increase of epidemic proportions. Even with increased cases of flu, the numbers indicate there must be a new virus infection causing death as well as long term damage to the patients' organs even if they recover.

Objection: People who died of cancer or heart attack listed as died from COVID.
Answer: They could have shown symptoms in their final days of dealing with cancer. Cancer weakens the immune system, but often it's not cancer that kills someone, but infections that the cancer patient catches because of their low immune system.
Heart attacks and congested heart failure are often listed as the cause of death for people with no heart problems simply because the heart stopped when they died. In current situation of a virus epidemic, the virus is proven to very often attack the heart, thereby causing heart failure. Although the doctor might say that it was heart failure, as they commonly do, the virus is the real cause in many cases. Family might not be aware of their loved one's COVID infection due to restrictions against hospital visitation and legal privacy concerns that have gone way overboard about not disclosing their loved one's health conditions.

QAnon Conspiracy Major Source of Claims That The Virus Isn't Serious

What are the most major sources claiming that the virus isn't serious or isn't even real? Liberal fake news mainstream media claims that President Trump was the cause of these views, but clearly he did believe in the severity of the virus, calling it a plague and taking many measures, even going as far as to fast-track vaccines. So who are the major figures claiming the virus isn't serious?

QAnon and other conspiracy sites are a major source of the message and the believers that the virus isn't serious. This ought to be a cause for caution, because QAnon is known to be a source of feel-good false prophecies that were never fulfilled.

Many libertarian sources and even mainstream conservative news sites also proclaim that the virus isn't serious. Much of this is due to a strong distrust in and rebellion against government, to the point that people are willing to believe that any action or mandate is an infringement on liberty based on false pretenses.

People want to believe the virus is fake because they don't trust their leaders and don't want to be burdened with caring about other peoples' health and safety. It's selfish, rebellious, lazy thinking. Is "the government said so, so it must be wrong" the standard of truth? Or can we grow up, ask around, and look at history and the big picture to see what the truth really is?

Do Masks Work?

A lot of people are claiming that it's impossible for a mask to help prevent the spread of the virus. Most of those people's beliefs are based on many websites and social media posts that claim that a doctor or scientist said that masks don't work. One of the problems with these claims is that just being a doctor or a scientist doesn't automatically make you an expert on virus protection. There are many specialties in the medical profession. Infectious Disease is one such specialization. A normal medical normal knows very little about viruses, especially HIV, SARS, Ebola and such. So you can't automatically trust the opinion of a doctor or scientist that is not specifically trained in the area of concern.

Another problem is that when the claims are made by a virus expert, it's usually from someone who had been disgracefully fired from an organization because they rejected established medical science. This world is full of foolish people. Even a virus expert can be wrong. But the majority of virus experts agree that masks provide some protection. The CDC declares that multiple studies have confirmed that masks help. I'm sure that you have also seen some reports of studies that claim that masks don't work. But those studies were paid for or performed by people or groups that went into the study wanting the result of the masks not working. Their work was not objective.

Even long before this pandemic, all of my life, I have personally seen times when doctors would wear surgical masks to help prevent transmission of disease. I am not saying that masks will work 100% of the time. No one is saying that. We accept that masks alone are not enough and not foolproof. But common sense declares that some blockage of your nose and mouth would absolutely help block some transfer of air which moves the virus in or out of our nose and mouth.

This experiment from Duke University shows the effectiveness of various masks. Cotton masks were shown to be effective.

Another study from Mayo Clinic shows how masks greatly reduce the travel distance of even small aerosol particles, which are smaller than the respiratory droplets which spread the most of the virus. The video in that study makes it easy to see how effective the most common masks are at reducing the spread of even the smaller aerosols.

It has been confirmed that it's not really a matter of needing to keep 100% of the virus away from you, but rather it's a matter of the amount of the virus that you come into contact with. So if you combine social distancing with everyone wearing a mask, then the amount of the virus transmitted across several feet, hindered by masks on both sides of that distance, would very clearly be reduced. When one of those people refuse to wear a mask, there's less hindrance to the virus and therefore more of the virus can enter the victim.

On top of all of this, most people with the virus don't have any symptoms, but are silent carriers. This gives most people a false sense of security. You could pass the virus to another, and then that person pass it to another, and so on and so on, until it finally infects a person with the right blood type and other vulnerabilities, thereby causing serious injury or death. But it could had been avoided if all people had lovingly cooperated with required medical precautions.

I see people without masks all of the time in stores that have signs that say "Masks Required". This is total disrespect for authority, for rules, for people, for anyone or anything. It's dangerous and irresponsible.

One person told me that masks can't work because he knows from personal experience that masks don't stop all dust and other things in a construction work setting. But that is comparing apples to oranges. A virus is not dust. Dust has no water vapors in it. Oxygen has water vapor. Oxygen carries the virus. The virus doesn't have wings. Water vapors can be trapped by cloth. Even if it's just the spit that some people have when they talk.

Many people want to mention how that masks can grow bacteria. Yes, true, it's possible. But with anything, comes responsibility. Clean your mask! I carry with me in the car a spray bottle of homemade disinfectant spray made with essential oils mixed with water or rubbing alcohol. I spray my mask with it after returning to the car, also allowing the mask to dry in the bright sunshine in the car. I also have UV lights which have been proven to kill the virus. More and more stores are selling UV lights. Bacteria growth can be prevented. It's not like we can't wash or disinfect our masks. Just don't be lazy!

People claim that the continued spread of the virus is proof that masks and social distancing don't work. The problem with that claim is that there are tons of rebellious people that never wear a mask; and some of them also don't social distance. It is those people who spread the virus and also spread myths that kill.

In conclusion, it's clear that there really was a coronavirus pandemic originating from China that killed and injured millions of people worldwide. Just because you don't know anyone who got really sick from it and can't see it with your own eyes, doesn't mean that the pandemic never happened. Do you need to see everything with your own eyes to know whether it happened? Denying that there was a virus pandemic, when there are so many witnesses to its severity and scale, is deadly. People who are behaving recklessly and encouraging people to do things that spread the virus, like not wearing masks and staying in crowded indoor places, are guilty of murder because they are spreading the virus, thereby increasing the number of people dying!

Are people's blood on your hands?

Article written by brother Jared and Apostle Zimmerman.

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