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Free online resources for Apocrypha and Greek Septuagint

Jesus and the apostles used and quoted from the Greek Septuagint Old Testament. It included the Apocrypha which was written mostly between the time eras of the old and new testaments and are a very important part of biblical history. It is very important for all mature Christians of the end time generation to read the Apocrypha. It is very edifying. The Greek Septuagint is the oldest complete translation of the old testament that we have available today. It contains a few very important words that were removed from the newer bibles like the King James Version, Plus it contains several Apocrypha books which were later removed from the King James Version in 1666.
I endorse and strongly encourage the reading of the Apocrypha that comes as part of the Greek Septuagint in The Alpha & Omega Bible. We know for a fact that these books WERE at one time part of the Bible and are not forgeries. They are:
Esdras, Tobit, Judith, additions to Esther, The Book of Wisdom of Solomon, Ecclesiasticus of the Wisdom of Sirach, Baruch, Epistle of Jeremias, 1-4 Maccabees and the Prayer of Manasseh. However, I do wonder about the additions to Daniel: "Bel and the Dragon", and "Susanna" & "The Song of the 3 Children".

I do NOT recommend (and actually strongly caution against) the so called "lost books of Eden", "book of Enoch", "book of Jasher", "book of Jubilees" or any other claimed lost or forgotten book of the Bible except the Apocrypha of the Greek Septuagint.
Book of Enoch Debunked/Refuted/Exposed (I don't agree with EVERY word in these articles, but they do provide enough accurate proof against the book of Enoch.)

Recommended Translation of the Bible

The Alpha & Omega Bible is the most accurate translation available on Earth today. It is available for free or purchase. It includes the Apocrypha which was in the bibles that existed in the time that Jesus walked on the Earth in the flesh and was also originally in the KJV 1611 bible and in the 1560 Geneva Bible.

OTHER Free Online Bibles

Audio Listen to the Bible online! Uses "Real-Audio"

Other Tools Bible/ - Look up verse numbers or keywords to view scripture and use available given resources such as maps, lexicons, concordances, dictionaries, etc. Great Bible study tool! But Please since we have given you this link, Please return the blessing by visiting more of our website here. Please bookmark us now to return. We have over 130 articles that are very important. Your life could very easily depend on some of the information we present in this website here. Thanks and God Bless! Again, please take the time to read more of I SAW THE LIGHT MINISTRIES to return the blessing to your soul!

E-Sword Download Bible onto your computer for off-line use and download concordances, commentaries, lexicons, dictionaries and other resources. A very valuable free Bible study tool! Highly recommended!

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