Biblical AND Historic Proof that The United States of America and the British Commonwealth, Greece, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa Are Part of the Biblical Tribes of Israel

Modern Identity of the Tribes of Israel

British Commonwealth of Nations including Australia, New Zealand, Canada, South Africa, etc. (The people descended from the English people.)

United States of America (The people descended from the English people.)

Jews (Ashkenazim and Sephardi) in Israel and around the world.

Northern France

Denmark, Greenland, Ireland, Wales, Scandinavian areas, Greece (The Greeks) & parts of Macedonia.

Scattered among: Jews, British Isles, Finland; Ireland; Wales; Canada (Quebec).

Scattered, mostly among the Jews.

Finland, Scandinavian areas.

Netherlands, Switzerland; South Africa.

Switzerland (French-speaking areas), Visigoths; Scotland; Sweden; Norway; France.

Belgium (mostly northern areas) and Luxemborg.
Vandals; Scandinavia; Scotland; Netherlands; Iceland; Canada.

Norway, Sweden; Britain; Canada; South Africa; New Zealand; Australia.

Norway, Iceland, British Isles; Saxons; Normans; France; Scandinavia; England; South Africa.


A major proof that the English speaking peoples are descendants of ancient Israel is the fact that the English language is strongly connected to Paleo-Hebrew, the original tongue of the ancient Hebrews. Paleo-Hebrew and Greek are really the same language, therefore since much of English is Greek, English is also ancient Hebrew. Although English is a melting pot of many languages including German, Italian, French, etc, no language has affected English as much as Greek (which is related to Paleo-Hebrew).

For proof Greek greatly influenced the English language, Please examine the following links:

Below: Video shows the history of language, from ancient Paleo-Hebrew to Greek to English.

Proof that some of the ancient Greeks were actually Israelites, (therefore also the Greek language is true Hebrew):
(I provide the following links because of the truth that they provide concerning the ONE specific subject of the connection between the ancient Greeks and the Israelite tribes. I do NOT endorse or approve of their other articles and teachings.)
- PDF file #1: The Other Exodus; Forgotten History of the Danite Exodus from Egypt! PDF file by Pastor Jory S. Brooks of The Association of Covenant People. This includes information about the fact that Egytian history shows that the tribe of Dan fled from Egypt on ships during or before the other tribes of Israel crossed the Red Sea. They settled ancient Greece!
- PDF file #2 from:
Source #3 PDF file.

For additional proof that the Greek language is actually Paleo-Hebrew, please click here for a study of the name of GOD and how it relates to the Greek/Paleo-Hebrew language.

Please visit these recommended links for much more proof! The Hebrew Nations website gives tons more proof that the USA and British Commonwealth are the descendants of the so called lost 10 tribes of Israel. Another site that gives tons of proof that the United States of America, England, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and other members of the British Commonwealth are tribes of Israel.

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