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For each video, please watch the entire video to be able to examine enough evidence to make a truly informed decision instead of making a "knee jerk" reaction based upon your preconceived beliefs. We should all allow the scriptures to teach us and change our opinions and beliefs to become more in align with the truth of scripture, rather than the traditional doctrines of mankind's religions.

If any of these videos do not work, please visit my video channel at GodTube. The newest videos are listed first below.

1st Section: Sermon Videos including ASL American Sign Language for the Deaf

March 2, 2019: Exceptions To Rules.

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Feb.23, 2019: GOD Smells Us.

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Feb.16, 2019: Trust & Believe.

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Feb.9, 2019: Humble Thyself.

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Feb.2, 2019: Witnessing Among The Unclean.

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Jan.26, 2019: Pain of Our Crucifixion.

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Jan.12, 2019: "Consquences of Slacking"

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Jan.1, 2019: Hanukkah 2019: Dedicate Our Temple & All of Its Contents. Click here.

2nd Section: Biblical Teachings. (No sign language. Not sermons.)

How Can Jesus Talk To The Father & Still Be The Father?

The Most Accurate Bible Translation: The Alpha & Omega Bible

Not Enough To Just Believe

Yeshua Not Originally Written in Scripture

Who is Yeshua, Yah, Yahweh, Yahshua, YHWH, YHVH, Yah?

Christmas: What Does Jesus Think of it?

Halloween: Harmless Fun? What Does Jesus Think?

Pitfalls of the Hebrew Roots Movement

The following 4 videos were not made by I Saw The Light Ministries. But we found them on the internet and found them to be the truth and so important that we had to share them with you. Credit to the person who made them is in the videos themselves.

Luke and Matthew are BOTH the genealogies of Joseph, NOT Mary.

Israelites were in slavery in Egypt for only 144 years max! NOT 400-430 years! PROOF!

Proof Pyramids Built AFTER the flood. And more reasons to use the Greek Septuagint bibles such as AOB. Why the KJV is at fault for the Jews not embracing Jesus as the Messiah.
This video has the following errors:
1. At the 18:30 time stamp, it says that the Earth is at least 6,650 years old. While we agree that is more accurate than 6,000 years, the real truth is that the Earth is millions or billions of years old. There is nothing in the bible to indicate that the age of mankind is the same age of the Earth. Gen.1:1 was the original creation before the fall of the devil and before the ice age. In the first part of verse 2, corruption came upon Earth via the war in Heaven. Then in the latter part of verse 2, GOD started melting the ice and started remodeling/re-creating the Earth. When corrected translated, in Gen.2:4, it says that GOD remade the universe and the Earth. We have undeniable archaeological proof that the Earth is millions/billions of years old. It is foolish to deny the facts by being bias and brainwashed by traditional doctrinal error based upon the teachings of men that don't understand the bible.
2. At the time stamp of 20:50, the video hints that King Melchizedek could be one of the "sons of god", which are angels. But that is impossible. Because angels do have beginning of days. They were created. Very clearly, King Melchizedek is Jesus Himself, who is the only eternal being, 1 Tim.6:16.
3. At 18:43 into the video, it says that the Greek Septuagint is not perfect. And I agree with that. But the reason that it gives is that some copies of it has the extra "Cainan". But then it goes on to explain that the oldest copies of the LXX and the oldest copies of all bibles did not include it. Therefore it is not that the original LXX was not perfect, but rather that some copies were corrupted which is true of all ancient manuscripts. The older the better.
But the video has MUCH extremely important truth. I really encourage everyone to watch it. The only errors are the ones that I have pointed out.

Unicorns in the Bible. Why The Alpha & Omega Bible translates it as Rhinoceros.

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